Lakeview City The Only Great and Welfare Place

The highlight of the series on the theme “Living with Novaland”, Lakeview City has attracted a lot of customers and investors interested in hunting for the advantages that it is owned. A golden location in the East of the city, a green living environment, open, full of modern facilities.

Lakeview City’s real estate project of Novaland Group is considered to have remarkable liquidity in the East of the city – this is a complete and synchronous urban area in District 2. Lakeview City is located in front of Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, the project is a series of land-based products including duplex villas, commercial houses (shophouse), townhouses with garden. In particular, the unique highlight of the utility chain in Lakeview City is the landscaped lake which covers an area of about 3.6 hectares, which plays a role in regulating water, preventing water logging in the eastern part as well as conditioning air, bringing a fresh living space for residents here. This lake is invested by investors of Novaland Group to spend $8,500,000 on a building.

It is interesting to note that the customer – Bach Hop company win the special price of the show who is also one of the first owners of this Lakeview city project.

Lakeview City is the first complete and synchronous urban area in District 2

Lakeview City is the first large-scale real estate project of Novaland real estate group – a complete and synchronous urban area in the eastern key area of Ho Chi Minh City. The project has about 900 low-income diversified products with a land area of $1,200/1sqm.

Lakeview City is located in Phuong An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, in front of Song Hanh Road, Long Thanh Expressway. Being adjacent to Thu Thiem administrative center, it is easy to reach District 1 through Mai Chi Tho main road, possibly through District 7 thanks to the connection with Ring Road 2. In addition, the project is only about 15 minutes away from Long Thanh Airport.

Lakeview City project

NOVALAND’s Lakeview City project is larger than 30 hectares

The project also specifically reserved a commercial townhouse area – the shophouse area is located right next to the main road Do Xuan Hop, a route with many passersby, this place is promising to form the busiest business streets in the East.

According to a representative of the Bach Hop Company, who recently won a special prize, a BMW 320i car worth up to $65,218, participating in the “Live with Novaland”, “the reason why convinced my company to choose a shophouse in the urban area of Lakeview City is because of the golden position next to the important roads such as Long Thanh – Dau Giay, near the District 1, District 7, District 9, Binh Thanh District… For the purpose of expanding trade in this area, this is a very convenient location. As a food company, my main choice is to eat an inexpensive shophouse, which is owned by two prominent facades. If we go from Cao Long Expressway, we will immediately see the company sign, which will enhance our brand identity”.

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Lakeview City is a great resort for everyone.

Lakeview City is a new project for the premier holiday home resort of Novaland investor. This project is full of trends and needs of customers today, the desire to live in a place as a resort with fresh air, trees, lakes but still have. Full of the most modern facilities so that all family members from young to elderly can enjoy the best quality of life, conveniently, most often.

The project is located on a large plot of land up to 30 hectares, but only 12 hectares are used to build low-floor terraced houses, while the remaining 60% is entirely covered with trees and public construction. Lakeview City has a border with Giong Ong To River with a length of 1 kilometer. It is right in the middle of the city, facing the twin villas is a large ecological lake of 3.6 hectares acting as a giant climate regulator for residents and creates a great landscape for the urban zone.

Lakeview City project

The Lakeview City urban area project of the Novaland Group real estate developer is considered to have significant liquidity in the eastern part of the city.

Lakeview City is the most distinctive project covered by water vapor and the shade of green trees that creates tranquility, coolness and poetry, now living along rivers and lakes, seemingly only in film, or at resort resorts which now is existing in the heart of the city.

Lakeview City is also a very rare project in the East City area when converging all amenities with shopping centers, entertainment, medical clinics, supermarkets, amusement parks for children, pool area, sports area, community activities and camera systems.

In the urban area also invested international clusters of schools at all levels, aiming to bring a standard educational environment for children, ensuring a civilized and quality living environment for the population. Lakeview City is a deserving urban area, worth investing in.

For more information, please contact the Lakeview Business Department of Novaland directly via Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 for assistance.

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