The Landmark 81 officially became the tallest building in Southeast Asia

On April 9, the Coteccons contractor completed the construction of the Spire, formally setting the Landmark 81 as the tallest building in Southeast Asia, surpassing Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers after 20 years.

The moment Vietnam’s construction industry goes down in history

Construction of Spire roof tower is one of the most important and complex items in the project The Landmark 81. From March 26 to April 4, 1818, Coteccons concentrated all manpower, material and technology for this decisive construction phase. And after exactly 15 days, Coteccons successfully installed the Spire, excelling 14-day progress.

For the construction of the steel tower as high as 61.2m, Coteccons uses the tower crane outside the body of the only building in Vietnam with a load of up to 24 tons; Tata Tata steel structure equipment imported from Japan and a team of highly skilled workers.

Steel sections of 7.5m x 7.5m x 6.4m are imported from Spain, processed at the factory in Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) and transported to the works. The installation phase is divided into two parts: put the steel from the ground to the temporary base block on the 82nd floor, then raised to the official position on the 84th floor.

Raising the average weight of 16.5 tons to 400 meters is a dangerous task, requiring a very scientific and comprehensive calculation. Coteccons engineers have prepared many options, considering the wind speed, temperature and weather, strict inspection tower crane system … Coteccons also mobilized the advice and support of experts Experienced from Australia, UK.

One of the important contributors to the success of the Spire Tower is the crane operator. Mr. Vo Van Hien, 36, from Da Nang City, said: “I am very nervous, but because you have carefully prepared the measures and technical factors, I am very confident. In the end, everything was successful beyond expectations. “

The final spire structure

The final spire structure is being moved for installation.

At 7:20 am on April 9, 1818, the 10th and last segment of the Spire tower was lifted off the ground and waited on the 82nd floor. This is the highest, most difficult and also the most dangerous. Pham Hoan Gia, a safety officer, said: “We are very well prepared but we will not take risks if the wind conditions are over 20km / h, everything must be postponed.”

Landmark 81

Southeast Asia’s tallest building, The Landmark 81, built by the Vietnamese

At 12.30, when everything was in safety, the last steel began to lift off the 82nd floor and put Spire in the final position in anticipation of everyone. Suspense, intense tension and concentration, all track the distance up to 60m high of the 10th segment.

Great moment when the last Spire was installed.

Great moment when the last Spire was installed.

At 13h30p, when the final coat was tightened, the joy of the site commander like bursting. And especially, although this is the hardest category, Coteccons continues to excel beyond 14-day progress.

Thus, in the end, the iconic works of HCM City in general and the Vingroup Group in particular have completed the structure. It can be said that The Landmark 81 is like a “space ship” to bring the construction industry of Vietnam into history.

The Landmark 81: The building of the record

With a height of 461.2m, The Landmark 81 will become the new symbol of Vietnam, marking the progress of the real estate market, symbolizing prosperity and prosperity of the country.

Height of The Landmark 81 crosses the Petronas Twin Towers (451.9m) in Malaysia and becomes one of the 10 tallest towers in the world. Tower is the pride and pride of Vietnam, showing a strong transformation in the period of innovation and integration.

The Landmark 81 is the highest in Southeast Asia and the eighth highest in the world

The Landmark 81 is the highest in Southeast Asia and the eighth highest in the world

This is a complex with a total floor area of ​​115,000sqm and 90,000sqm of tunnel area targeted to upstream customers and meet the important trade needs of the country and in the area, including functional spaces such as hotels, serviced apartments, commercial apartments Officetel, shopping centers and restaurants, bar, observation deck …

New icon of Ho Chi Minh City

New icon of Ho Chi Minh City

With a series of newly established records such as the tallest apartment, the most modern Paronama elevators, top class clubs, the hottest shopping paradise, the infinity pool with the best views, The Landmark 81 is considered to be the most beautiful riverside park in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and has become a new icon, a new destination of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. Dubai has Burj Khalifa, Malaysia has Twin Towers Petronas, Singapore has Marina Bay Sand and now Vietnam we have The Landmark 81.

Especially, with the highlight of Vietnam’s highest observation deck, Vietnam’s largest indoor ice rink, Vietnam’s largest green building, uses the Low E glass system and European standard water filter, The Landmark 81 has raised the standard of quality real estate and built to new heights.

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