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Large hotel corporation of us to “set foot” on Phu Quoc

large hotel corporation of us to "set foot" on Phu Quoc

To be formally managed and operated by Wyndham Hotel Group – The World’s largest hotel corporation in the US, The Coast Villas Phu Quoc is increasingly affirming the investment value as well as the highest renting exploitation in the region.

Being the first and only sea villa in Phu Quoc managed by Wyndham Group, The sCoast Villas once again affirms its attraction from design ideas, diverse utilities systems, as well as the potential for sustainable development.

The Coast Villas is designed as a peaceful tropical garden of Vietnamese countryside with 5-7 villas grouped into small village with the common yard.

With the style of “private villa”, each villa of The Coast Villas just enough private for its owners to find a relaxing space, and create connectivity from modern facilities such as swimming pool, clubhouse , entertainment, commercial, cuisine areas, …

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The Coast Villas specially pays attention to the sustainability by using natural materials, Indian Cheddar vegetation covering the roof, deep-tone color wood. In addition, all the spaces lie on the same floor, the pool separating functional rooms creating open space, allowing the natural light come into are received much interest from customers. For investors, this is the firm foundation that is expected to bring the rental profit for the project.

With the management capability of Wyndham Hotel Group recognized in 8,000 hotels across 79 countries worldwide and its wide network of loyalty customers, The Coast Villas is expected to be exploited its full renting potential, ensuring the occupancy rate throughout the year, 90% higher than the usual estimate in Phu Quoc, shortening the payback period to 7-8 years.

In addition to its efficiency in management and operation, Wyndham Hotel Group is also a guarantee for long-term asset management.

Commenting on the potential for tourism development in Phu Quoc, David Wray, Vice President of development and trade, Wyndham Hotel Group in Southeast Asia and Pacific said: “Phu Quoc has attracted the tourism attention in the past 5 years thanks to the white sands, wild nature, beautiful landscapes, wonderful conditions for the development of tourism, entertainment and cuisine. We believe these advantages together with the promotion of infrastructure and transportation of the Government, Phu Quoc is ensured to continue to be recognized as a world-class tourism destination, attracting more and more domestic and international tourists “.

The appearance of Phu Quoc is changing quickly. From a pristine place, Phu Quoc has become the most attractive tourist destination in the country and the whole area. It can be named many domestic and international large real estate corporations are present here to create a world-class resort.

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In addition, a series of works worth trillions dong being promoted to invest with an aim to become a special economic zone have also contributed to increase the value of real estate in the region, attracting huge investment flows here. In which, The Coast Villas is among the options with a total investment of a villa from only 5 billion.

The Coast Villas project owner said that customers will be received 2 billion of profit when signing the contract and donated a vacation worth 1 billion.

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Large hotel corporation of us to “set foot” on Phu Quoc

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