Latest Property News in Hanoi: Why are adjacent projects attracting customers?

Real estate investors are currently in the process of researching for the adjoining projects, because this is a model attracting high customers and is expected to be the investment of real estate.

This model brings a modern and civilized living space. This is an indispensable trend when quality of life goes up and people in the capital want to enjoy living space better. Let’s join to update the latest real estate news in Hanoi in the following article:

Real estate situation in Hanoi today

Although the capital’s economy has grown drastically, a large proportion of Hanoi’s residents have been living in degraded housing, tens of years without improvement. Therefore, the quality of life of people affected both environment and space.

real-estate-in-HanoiMeanwhile, the population growth rate in Hanoi is about 200,000 people a year. Due to the hot population, the urban infrastructure works have not been synchronously invested, the overall renovation has led to traffic jams and lack of culture while participating in traffic, encroachment, encroachment of sidewalks to the beauty of urban.

Therefore, the investment in the construction of new urban areas and housing development projects really necessary for the people here. The city has been building more commercial housing projects in different segments to meet the housing demand for home buyers.

However, most of the projects have not been synchronously planned in general, leading to the situation next to the new urban area, clean and beautiful still the old residential areas are subjected to flooding, pollution and pollution. The information collected is typically Duong Noi, Kien Hung, Van Khe, Ha Dong and some other inner cities.

Therefore, real estate investors need a new look to bring quality living space to the residents.

What is the real estate sector in Hanoi?


Gamuda City Project

Only a handful of Hanoi real estate projects in the middle and high end segment bring to the capital a new physique beside the beauty of ancient peace that has thousands of years. Highlights in the Hanoi market are large projects with many luxury amenities within the district must include such as Gamuda City, Royal City, Times City …

The greatest value of these projects is the creation of a modern living space and a civilized community for Hanoi, so that the Trang An people will remain elegant in the eyes of their friends and international visitors.

According to real estate news that updated: The most noteworthy is the project Gamuda City, not only find a complete solution for urban living from the planning to the infrastructure investment and the scientific management system, which this property investor project provides people with a real “green living space” in the heart of the capital.

This project helped to successfully renovate Yen So Park, turning a polluted wetland into a park named “green lung” in the south of the city. And this is the highlight in the real estate industry today, opening a new living space, ideal for the people of Hanoi.

The special things of the project are:

As one of the main subdivisions of Gamuda City, Gamuda Gardens is built with the goal of becoming a fully owned residential community with state-of-the-art amenities and community amenities, including entertainment club, public and international schools, commercial centers with office and business space, neighborhood stores and kindergartens.

gamuda-gardensIt is likely that real estate professionals will also enjoy this model of construction. Gamuda Gardens’ spacious buildings and gardens are set amidst lush green parks and lush landscaping, offering a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

According to the information of real estate Hanoi that updated said:

The Dahlia Homes adjacent to Dahlia Homes are designed in neo-classical style – an architectural fit for the majority of Vietnamese people. The Dahlia Homes come back to the “pure” to emphasize as well as show the sustainability of architecture in life.

In particular, the combination of standard technical infrastructure, landscape trees and architectural lines of Dahlia Homes will bring charm and timeless elegance when completed architecture.

With flexible design criteria suitable for the majority of Vietnamese people in lifestyle as well as aesthetics, the Dahlia Homes project has backward compartments for commuter traffic, but both in terms of microclimate and utility.

~~>>Update on new information on the real estate news in Vietnam here: Vietnam real estate news

gamuda-gardens-1It may be that the Dahlia Homes project is the perfect piece of the Gamuda Gardens eco-green neighborhood. Therefore, the design for the purpose of planting trees is very necessary. Therefore, in the design of the grounds have arranged the location of the plant on the façade, the main gate of the villa as well as the green strip in the parking area. All designs have created a green street, highlighted on the uniform color of the whole area.

What do experts say about Dahlia Homes?

Real estate developers and real estate investors say the Dahlia Homes forecast will be “hot” on the market in 2018, as the city benefits from the convenience of the Gamuda Gardens. which was honored as “the most living place in Hanoi”. constantly updated the latest real estate news Hanoi, invite readers continue to follow our news section!

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