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The launch of cocobay has brought profits to customers

the launch of cocobay has brought profits to customers

Only one year after being launched, Cocobay has attracted investors by creating a brand new real estate line for resort real estate and entertainment. Especially, its official launch in mid-July has once again confirmed the profitability that this complex will bring in the coming time.

Cocobay Da Nang was introduced to the market in early June, 2016. While the market still feels strange about the new nature of the project – resort, entertaining real estate, Cocobay has gradually clarified this concept for investors through the construction of a variety of modern entertainment utilities attracting customers.

This highlight of Cocobay will attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists coming here to visit and stay. Cocobay Da Nang set a goal of 2 million visitors every year. Visitors to Cocobay not only to stay but also experience a variety of exciting and diverse entertainment items here. Accordingly, the staying period will be longer and the profits for investors will be higher.

By investing in entertaining items, in the future, Cocobay is considered as Pattaya (Thailand) – the famous entertainment complex in the world, contributing a large amount of foreign currency to the tourism industry yearly.

The bustling walking street of Cocobay has been launched with variety of restaurants, beer clubs, bars, pubs and coffee shops.

Once putting into operation, it is predicted that Cocobay will attract visitors, as this is the first large scale entertainment complex in Danang as well as in Vietnam to be opened. This is also an opportunity for customers to choose the most profitable investments.

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According to Empire Group, in this phase it also launched a special shopping cart under the Coco Skyline Resort project. Notably, as soon as being introduced to the market this time, the number of customers interested in the project exceeds the number of products provided.

These apartments opened for sale in this phase all have beautiful view to Da Nang sea and two most beautiful 18-hole golf courses in Southeast Asia. In addition to that is the smart technology system integrated and developed at each condotel.

Coco Skyline Resort is currently priced at 1.4 billion/unit. In which, customers only pay from 560 million (40% of product value), the rest amount will be supported by the bank in 15 years.

The Empire Group commits a minimum 12% return per annum for eight consecutive years. From the 9th year onwards, customers will receive 80% from rental profit.

According to preliminary calculations, only when the occupancy rate is at 50% and effective management experience, it will ensure a minimum profit commitment of 12% per year.

New products, stable profit potential, attractive commitment from investors are the reasons why the condotel of Danang Cocobay entertainment complex becomes attractive.

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