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Launch the writing and photo contest abput  ‘Where I live’

Launch the writing and photo contest abput 'Where I live'

In the afternoon of March 15, in Hanoi, Vietnam Electronic Journal in cooperation with Gia Dinh New Electronic Magazine held the launching ceremony of writing contest and photo contest with the theme “Where I live”.

The contest “Where I live” is held with the desire to promote the values ​​of human life, good; propagate about new culture of living: green living – beautiful life; Scaling up real estate development practices that address the true values ​​of living for residents, centered on living.

Launch the writing and photo contest abput 'Where I live'
Launch the writing and photo contest abput ‘Where I live’

At the same time, discovering honoring resident communities, model living spaces, collective examples, and individuals have contributed to shaping the city’s worth living. The contest is also an opportunity to create a forum for all levels of residents to share their thoughts, feelings and expectations about each other.

To participate in the “Where do I live” contest, individuals can submit their entries in two forms: writing and photography exams. The test is a way of expressing views, dreams, ideas … about living space, culture in the values ​​that residents want. The scattered, meditating on the house, about the “village of the neighborhood” in modern urban life; about “dream house” …

The test can also reflect the feeling of living space, green space – clean – beautiful – modern; about the civilization of civilization, the beauty of culture – humanity in the apartment, urban living … or the beautiful moments of living space happy family, plus copper, normal activities.

The judging panel consists of 7 members, writers, poets, journalists, painters, screenwriters, architects, photographers of Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, the chairman of the competition jury, writer Nguyen Quang Thieu, said that the competition “Where I live” is really necessary and can last forever, even when the Organizing Committee does not. still on life. Because they are human, they are looking for places to live and are constantly changing in a positive way. Only when one is able to connect with one’s place of life can a place become meaningful and beautiful.

“I think the contest is very meaningful, asking the viewer how they are living, is also the answer for people to understand how to behave where they live to become a place. meaningful and preserve memories, “writes Nguyen Quang Thieu.

Mr. Pham Nguyen Toan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, launches the contest "Where I Live".
Mr. Pham Nguyen Toan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, launches the contest “Where I Live”.

According to Pham Nguyen Toan, editor-in-chief of Vietnam Electronic Real Estate Magazine, today in modern urban life, the value of a home is measured not only by price, It is measured by the cultural and human values ​​that living space brings.

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“A civilized space is not only created by technical elements such as infrastructure and urban amenities, but also by non-technical elements such as the human culture. Urban life is worth living, green cities need to have “green people” …, Pham Nguyen Toan shared.

As planned, the organizers will receive entries from March 15 to October 31, 1818. The award ceremony of the “Where do I live” contest is scheduled to be held on Vietnam Urban Day (September 8, 2018).

According to the organizers, the contest will have many awards from incentives to first prize with the value of VND10 to 50 million (including cash and products and services are trips).

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Launch the writing and photo contest abput  ‘Where I live’

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