Launched Azerai Can Tho, the world’s most experienced top resort project in 2018

Following the success of a number of international luxury resort brands, the Novaland Group Adrian Zecha has launched the first Azerai hotel chain in Vietnam.

Adrian Zecha is a “living myth” of the travel industry, who set a new luxury standard through the Aman Resorts brand – the world’s most luxurious resort chain with excellent service located a prime location.

Adrian Zecha is also known as a particularly sensitive person in identifying potential locations in the future. Typically Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand managed by Adrian Zecha, for more than 30 years has always been voted as the first resort in Thailand. The villas in this resort are worth over $ 10 million but difficult to find because no one wants to transfer (only 6 units were transferred over 30 years).

Mr. Adrian Zecha, supermodel Naomi Cambell and Chairman of Novaland Bui Thanh Nhon

Mr. Adrian Zecha, supermodel Naomi Cambell and Chairman of Novaland Bui Thanh Nhon at the launch of the project.

The value of the Zecha brand has been confirmed through his distinctive business philosophy. With Zecha, an ideal resort must be the perfect blend of a beautiful location with heritage, culture and local history; Combining excellent services, ensuring peace and privacy for the world’s most advanced clients.

Zecha realizes that the richness of culture and pristineness of the Mekong Delta is a “priceless inheritance” of this land. With the central location of 13 provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is the fulcrum of the river tourism and ecotourism. From Can Tho, visitors can easily connect and explore the “legacy” of the Mekong Delta as Cai Rang floating market, fruit orchard fruit, culinary culture colorful, canal system and the rice field is full of fish in the South.

As a result, the well-known billionaire in choosing a location for resort development has immediately identified that the new Novaland resort project on Can Tho Can Tho will help this land to be named on the world map.

Azerai Can Tho Oriental style

Azerai Can Tho Oriental style

Located in the heart of Can Tho city, however, still keep the isolation surrounded by the romantic Hau river, the Au is a piece of “golden land” to write success stories of Zecha and management philosophy. – Absolutely respect the privacy of guests as well as preserve and enhance the value of local heritage.

Moreover, with its extensive global network of hotels and clientele, Adrian Zecha and his team are sure to attract a large number of foreign tourists to the new resort in Con Au, contributing to the city. . Can Tho becomes the leading tourist destination in Vietnam.

Azerai Can Tho, ecotourism resort in Con Au, Can Tho is a combination of the enthusiasm of the Novaland Group and Adrian Zecha’s world-class management experience. The project is in line with the business philosophy and orientation of the Azerai brand, which contributes to preserving and enhancing the local cultural heritage and promoting sustainable tourism development.

Inside resort Azerai Can Tho

Inside resort Azerai Can Tho

Can design the eco-resort Azerai Can Tho bearing bold “legacy” Tay Do. This “unique idyllic hill” features Indochinese architecture, hidden under a hundred year old tree that is retained intact during construction. Combined with many unique tours for visitors to explore the special destinations of the West River, Azerai Can Tho promises to become a high-end residence, opening up unique cultural experiences for guests when visting to the West.

That is also why Azerai Can Tho was voted The New York Times (USA) as one of the most experienced resorts in the world in 2018.

Bui Thanh Nhon, Chairman of Novaland Group, shared at the opening ceremony of the Azerai Can Tho Resort: “The Mekong River is a legend, a masterpiece of nature, and contains countless cultural, calendar values. history, people … Mekong is famous for its delicious specialties, the orchard with branches interlaced with vertical canals filled with shrimp. It is a place where people live, are sincere and hospitable. This is the heritage.

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The launch event of Azerai Can Tho not only marks an important milestone in the development of the Novaland Group, but also the beginning of a destination – Can Tho will be the destination of the world. With the love and contribution of all of us to the Mekong Delta will help the Southwest have more resources to adapt to climate change. The environment, natural landscapes and culture of the river will be preserved.

Vietnam is an attractive and potential destination for tourism development, in which the Mekong Delta region with the Mekong mainstream,” said Adrian Zecha. It is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Asia. Novaland Group is a Vietnamese company with deep local understanding as well as a vision of harmony with the business philosophy and orientation of the Azerai brand. It is building Azerai together with the objective of promoting sustainable tourism development of Can Tho. After 3 years with the efforts of many people, the resort completed beyond my expectations.

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