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Let’s enjoy pancake when coming to Da Nang


Danang, where there are great landscapes attract millions of visitors each year. Where people are wonderful, honest, gentle, hospitable.

Where dishes are unforgettable visitors, just want to stay here forever. Pork pan-cake, s, Da Nang fish sauce, Danang sandwiches … are always on the list of dishes. Have to taste when visiting Da Nang. And a dish that can not be missed when arriving here is: Pancake.

Why buns here are always so attractive

Pancake, folk food but always in the top of the world’s best snacks. Interesting that the West and we all love it because of the delicious taste of the spices, raw materials are blended inside the crust crispy, crispy. To make pancakes is not too difficult, but the need of the baker.

Pancakei in Da Nang
Pancake – a popular dish but always in the top of the world’s best snacks

From the raw materials to make a delicious cake looks delicious, but when you roll your hands to find out, you will understand the sophistication and sophistication in each step to make this dish. Rice flour selected Quang Nam’s delicious rice, is soaked, grind into powder, and then continue to be mixed with turmeric to create bright yellow eye. To make crispy crust crumbs need to be poured on charcoal fire, it should be a little tricky that the shell is not too thick but not too thin. Avoidance of cake is considered as the most difficult stage for those who have tried this cake. It is necessary to pour the rice flour to the right, the right, the fire to moderate to make the cake is not too thick nor too burnt. The baker makes a very simple look to make a batch of crispy yellow cake, properly, crispy tan.

Bread is also an indispensable part, shrimp, meat is selected as the cleanest food, the best. Cake crisp, delicious bread, add some vegetables and roll. Indispensable is the sauce, the sauce is the soul of this cake. Each of the stalls sells a kind of sauce, the secret to diners remember forever, can not forget.

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Sauce – ‘soul of Pancake”and vegetables balance the taste of the dish

It is not just a regular sauce, but when you try the dip cake in this place, you will feel that it is so divine that it doubles up the delicious taste of this dish. The same is the sauce, sugar, lemon, garlic, peppers that when through the chef in this place it is like a magic sauce. The sweet, sour, spicy hot passionate strange with the sweet fat of the cake cake is delicious. And if you do not eat them with fresh vegetables such as cilantro, basil, … to add flavor and coolness of the dish.

Enjoy the famous cake in Da Thanh

With people in this land is certainly not strange with her restaurant – address number one to enjoy pancakes. The restaurant has cool space, clean, food can be said is enjoying the taste of cake here because it has been called the most delicious cake address Da Nang.

Address at Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, but the road is slightly sloppy, but when you enjoy the cake at this place you will find a friend to wade through the road to get to the place. here. The sauce is also very special, you can ask anyone who has ever eaten in this restaurant are impressed because of the water here because of the smooth and smooth dots are made from heart liver flour milling extremely impressive .

Ms. Duong Restaurant
Ms. Duong Restaurant – address number one to enjoy cake in Da Nang

This place makes you every time pork pancakes are to yourself want to step on – as a tourist attraction no less than the monuments or attractions in Da Nang.

Traveling to Da Nang, the capital of tourism in the Central, you certainly do not forget to eat the dishes as this cake.

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