Link Real Estate Trading Floor To Eliminate Charge, Information Noise

Collaboration between real estate brokers is one of the initiatives to help reduce the “pushing prices up “, information noise.

In the face of the complexity of non-genuine brokerage that disturbs the market and the complexity of home buyers and investors, one of the innovations is the link between real estate exchanges.

Many brokers pushing up prices of buying and selling apartments, pulling pressure on customers to collect brokerage fees is not new in the real estate market.

The brokers’elements extends from newly opened projects to sale of apartments, houses and land transferred directly from the landlord. Buyers must accept payment to get the appropriate project apartment, or pay a higher transfer fee than the deal.

These cases are common to non-genuine brokers, unlike brokers who are constantly working to connect investors, home sellers and homebuyers and charge a fee.

real estate brokers

Collaboration between real estate brokers is one of the initiatives to help reduce the ” push prices up “

After the project is completed and handed over, investors and residents face high brokerage fees. Instead of the broker selling the house or the broker for rent is commonly charged 1% of the sale value and 1 month fee for 12 months lease contract, many cases they want be higher fee.

Brokers status is not true, hide information to promote sales information, when the new owner receives a new transfer that breaks down causing the transaction to fail, or controversy, even hugged lose too much due to believe in brokerage.

The above cases are beyond the control of the owner because these are separate agreements between the landlord and broker. Although to protect residents, investors also difficult to intervene.

Although the transfer between residents and external customers may be considered to be unrelated to the developer or project developers or project managers and is not liable under applicable law However, many investors who want to be transparent to protect the residents of the project.

One of the innovations from the developers of the apartment project to be mentioned is the cooperation between Anpha Holdings Group – the technical management consultant handover project The Park Residence project in Nha Be , HCMC Real Estate Trading Platform 3D Rever

The real estate transaction system on this IT application platform is started – up and has been selected as the official unit chosen to carry out the transfer and lease of apartments at The Park Presidence.

The Park Residence

Perspective of The Park Residence

But the seller / buyer or the lessee / lease is more secure that the file transfers through the investor prioritized approval, transactions through the we  supported the whole procedure administrative problems arise – which is what makes the parties very hesitant because it will be very tired.

In addition, We is a startup company in the field of real estate brokerage on the online to offline platform, with promotional products, online marketing, and multi-page links to promote advertising to promote transactions for customers. Fast and free.

Even “Real Estate Vietnam” image department not only supports professional home / apartment photography but also builds 3D models so buyers can look more closely at the product they are interested in. .

In fact, We has applied these policies to all customers in the past and it is from the package service that gives customers peace of mind that has led to the decision of the investors to choose us.

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