‘Live in Fear’ at Capital Garden

Spending between VND 2 and 3 billion to own the apartment in Capital Garden apartment building (102 Truong Chinh, Dong Da, Hanoi), but for many months, residents have to “live in fear” due to a series of items. The building is not made as committed.

Capital Garden Hotel, a member of Kinh Do Group, is an investor, with two 25-storey buildings, handed over to customers by the end of 2016.

Residents of Capital Garden protested against investors on 12/6

Residents of Capital Garden protested against investors on 12/6

With a reputation for high-end condominiums, over the past half-year, Capital Garden residents have faced a number of worries as a series of safe-haven items have been finalized by investors.

Specifically, the fire protection system of the project has not been accepted. The tools and equipment for fire prevention and fighting such as automatic smoke detectors, automatic fire sprinklers, fire hoses in rolls … are “presented for there”. Escape stairs do not number the floor. This led to the fact that a fire truck could not reach the northern part of the building due to a fire.

Residents have been living here for more than 6 months but have never been rehearsed fire. So when the fire incident occurred, everyone screamed in panic, each one running in a direction, causing the scene to become extremely chaotic. The big fire on May 31 revealed all these weaknesses (luckily no damage to people).

Security control system at Capital Garden has too many loopholes

Security control system at Capital Garden has too many loopholes

According to the residents, when building and finishing the project, Kinh Do investor has cut almost all utility of the apartment. A high-end project that is: no reception, no play area, no walkers, no tree floor, no living room, no newspaper. There are no public garbage cans in the floors, so residents do not have a place to throw garbage (too much must be thrown in the elevator).

The elevator system is an obsession when it is not checked and stamped in accordance with the test. When a power failure occurs, instead of moving to the nearest floor and opening the door to the evacuees, the Capital Garden elevator … falls free, capturing residents for tens of minutes.

Capital Garden Apartment has a total of 8 lifts, 4 of them are broken. The other 4 units have to be serviced by nearly 1,000 people, so even though they run at full capacity, the ladder is always overloaded. Residents said, the ladder vibrates and vibrates loudly, causing insecurity when using. Although the incident took more than 10 days but have not seen the owner repair.

Security work at the apartment is also a thorny issue when the barrier-controlled access control system (the barrier to the building) is not installed. This leads to some addictive substances entering the northern area of ​​the building to inject and throw the needle into the yard.

The security control system inside the building (elevator control latches into the floor) is equally bad. Residents often reflect the loss of footwear when in the corridor floor, In addition, some components use ecstasy, smash rock, play floor music on the second floor (4th floor elevator) has influenced Seriously to the surrounding households.

In addition, up to now, residents of Capital Garden have not received enough red invoices, the handover minutes, the contract liquidation, although the payment of 100% of the contract value. Households paying home repair and furniture installation fees will not receive VAT invoices.

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