Live peacefully in the gardens on high

Building density is increasing, green space is shrinking, noise pollution and air pollution are increasing … That is why people everywhere, especially Big city always aspire to live in the apartment close to nature, spacious, fresh, airy.

High-rise garden – unique green living space

In order to be in harmony with nature, to bring the most color of the leaf to the living space, the owners in one way or another always try to create green spaces for their projects. And “garden on high” is one of many solutions chosen.

To say “garden”, people will think of the green space on the ground. But with modern construction technology, developers have brought green plants from the ground to the upper floors, so that residents living in the condominiums always feel that the nature is near them.

Unique spiral top garden in a German apartment complex.

Unique spiral top garden in a German apartment complex.

In the world, the famous garden is referred to as the Waldspirale of Germany. This is an apartment building with spiral-shaped roofs, shrubs and grasses that are planted on a spiral-shaped terrace stretching from the 1st to the 12th floor. Garden on high in Fukuoka, Japan.

This 14 storey roofed building is covered with trees, like a pyramid rising in the middle of Fukuoka. Each roof here is a natural wonder in the forest with all kinds from plants to waterfalls. There is also the Kaiser Roof Gardenm in California, USA; Kensington Roof Gardens in London, England; Namba Parks in Osaka, Japan …

Garden on the rise – “plus points” of real estate projects in Vietnam

In Vietnam, to catch the psychological desire to live a harmonious and close to the nature of the residents, developers of real estate projects are now trying to maximize the area for the green space. in the apartment building. In Hanoi, there are projects, the construction area is only about 20%, more than 80% is designed to design living space with trees, walking paths, resting places, relaxation … And Of course, the more green projects, the more attractive it is to customers.

Typically the project is called “Garden in the City” located in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. The project has done “customer” with the apartment in the open space. Here, the garden is not only located on the roof of the building, but also on the eighth floor of the project also has a green grass carpet, a nice garden and a peaceful walk.

Another high-end condominium project in Ha Dong district also attracts homebuyers by the unique elevated garden. Here, two green gardens hanging from the courts together, become “resort paradise” for the residents of the project.

The poetic garden on the roof of a luxury condominium complex in the south of Hanoi.

The poetic garden on the roof of a luxury condominium complex in the south of Hanoi.

And in the south of Hanoi, a “artwork architecture” called Imperia Sky Garden will provide customers with a peaceful life, peaceful moments in the garden foot clouds dazzling flowers and fragrant flowers. It is known that Imperia Sky Garden will soon launch in the near future.

There is no longer the overwhelming noise of a city that is overwhelmed, completely disappeared from the “tragedy” of traffic jams, smoke or pollution … In the highlands, people will return to the quiet, peaceful and liberal nature. At that place, the inhabitants are immersed in the absolute fresh air, the bare feet can be carefree running on the green grass carpet and fingers can reach the glitter drops early morning …

It is a dream, a desire for a life of harmony with the flowers of grass, with the land and humans now, and also the criteria for investors to reach and complete their products to attract customers.

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