Lofthouse – Luxurious Apartment For Upper-class Lifestyle

Spacious space, multi-story design, and upper-class lifestyle are the hallmarks of the value of Lofthouse style apartments, catering to the needs of high-income urban residents.

Lofthouse condominium concept

In architecture, Lofthouse is defined as a loft-type apartment with high ceilings that can add a mezzanine floor, create more spacious, modern living space and comfort. This is an “upstream” apartment for high-end condominium projects to create a more comfortable living space, eliminating the sense of space constraint in the apartment.

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Lofthouse – luxurious apartment

With many projects, Lofthouse is also rated as a penthouse alternative.

The advent of Loft style

-Loft style developed in New York around the 20th century. From the homeless to the old factory or factory and then reconstructed into the space to stay.

– In the process of rebuilding large buildings, loft-style furniture gradually formed. From then on, the loft style gradually became a trend suitable for artists who love the soul of freedom, liberty.

– Loft interior is a combination of old and new. Modern things like metal, machinery can be combined with furniture such as old leather sofa, storage chest.

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Features of the Lofthouse apartment

Lofthouse – luxurious apartment

Lofthouse of The New Saigon with large yard

– High ceilings, can make the mezzanine, create more spacious living space, modern and comfortable.

– Typically designed with large spaces, large windows, creating open space, airy at the maximum.

– Use natural materials, ornamental plants around, add the garden, give a feeling of gentle, in harmony with nature.

– The vertical up and down space creates a connection between the living room and the upper room, making the apartment cozier.

– The general living room makes the space more spacious, comfortable, airy.

– In the house with stairs up and down, linked two floors, the owner feels like living in a detached house, not living “crowded” in a condominium.

Dubbed the “middle-class townhouse,” the Lofthouse apartment has become the first choice of successful businesspeople, upper-class families. Owning Lofthouse apartment has shown the luxury of class while satisfying the passion of beauty, passion to design their house according to the most luxurious standards of architecture.

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