Look Building Orientation To Choose The Interior Pick Up Natural Light

The natural light in the home is “hunted” by homeowners like modern furnishings or a glazed floor.

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Although still a plus point for architectural design but not all homes are illuminated the same. This does not depend on the sun, but rather the direction your window is facing.

Each direction of the house will be exposed to a different temperature of the sun, and for the environment in Vietnam, if unfortunately architectural design in the wrong direction, even the most stubborn host also must receive light Burning into the house even when the curtain was hanging. Therefore, determining the direction of the lighting of the house for interior solutions is very important.

Instead of letting you take the fight, Mogi-san will tell you some of the interior methods that deal with the natural light, whether it’s cool or “painted fire”, based on the direction of the home.

Natural light east – dawn

Unfortunately for your sleep if your bedroom window is facing the sunrise. However, personalized methods will help to reduce this intensity. Those who prefer light density control can choose the type of electronic blinds. Using high visibility curtains or blinds is also a way to reduce the intensity of light entering the room.

Tips look home to choose the interior

Sleep well with east-facing bedrooms with curtains, such as roller blinds

Sunset light – be careful at sunset

Although Western architectural design gives you a good night’s sleep in the morning because of high sun protection, you will, however, face a yellow-orange-red house of sunset every afternoon. This beautifully preserved scene can make your home “fire” if you choose to decorate the interior with warm tones such as yellow-orange-red. Pay attention to the interior design with the lighter soft tone offline.

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Tips look home to choose the interior

A cooler stove will soothe the hot light from the west

The light of the south-facing house is harsh all day

The architects agreed that the southern light shines in the hottest house in the direction. In case the house receives light intensity with the usual intensity of the day, you should decorate the interior with dark colors and intensity match.

Tips look home to choose the interior

The dark blue peacock living room retains its own substance in front of the harsh southern light

Northern light – cool all day

If you are looking to buy a home in the North, you are a very lucky person. Contrary to the south, the north is known to be the home of the brightest light of the day, never too harsh or too faint. Northern light makes the house color soothing and gives a clear, pleasant feeling. Many offices are also heading north.

Tips look home to choose the interior

This room has a balance of light south and north

With interior design tips that utilize the right lighting, natural lighting can completely become a highlight of your home. Please refer to for more appropriate solutions!

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