Looking For The Best Design Apartment District 2

Waterina Suites, D’Edge Thao Dien, Empire City Thu Thiem … are three of the best design apartment District 2 that customers should know.

Waterina Suites (Thanh My Loi Ward)

Being invested by Japanese business – Maeda Jimusho and designed by talented Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, Waterina Suites District 2 project worthy of Japanese works characterized by Vietnamese prominence between Ho Chi Minh City.

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Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Perspective of Waterina Suites

At the project Waterina Suites apartment, architect Kengo Kuma has blown into it new, impressive and full of poetic. Inspired by the creativity of Kengo Kuma’s inexhaustible creativity, it is the place where Waterina Suites is located, with a bustling side of the Saigon River stretching out front. Finding nature is not beyond the spirit that this architect pursues. From the selection of water waves, terraced fields in the northwestern mountain area to inspire the mainstream, to the open design flooded with light, air, green areas are delicate points throughout the project, all the most Consciousness takes on the senses of human beings.

Each wave of waves rolling on the river lightly transformed into each other curved lines embrace the balcony of each apartment. The simplicity, but under the hands of talented designers have become unique and charming. This distinctive feature has become one of the highlights of the project of Waterina Suites.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Sample apartment Waterina Suites project

From the macro level to the wall, every corner of the balcony, every detail of the apartment, the nostalgia of the traditional values, contemplate the value of the contemporary, and above all, an instinct for the original beauty, delicate.

D’Edge Thao Dien apartment project (Thao Dien ward)

D’Edge Thao Dien apartment project has 70 natural amenities with unique garden complex, giant green wall extending from the top to the base.

With D’Edge Thao Dien, CapitaLand’s owner wants to bring a new life experience to both the physical and mental of the resident community. Therefore, “prosperity” is the main inspiration throughout the design of architecture, landscape to the layout of the apartment here. According to the owner, “flourishing” is understood in both physical and mental aspects, which is the key to creating a life full of energy and inspiration.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Perspective of D’Edge Thao Dien project

Architecturally, D’Edge Thao Dien stands out with its two Aire towers, along with Breze (which symbolizes natural gas and wind), connected by a bottomless pool of 273 apartments. Here, nature is everywhere on the facade of the tower, with a huge natural green wall extending from the top to the base as the giant natural gas filter provides fresh air.

The project owns a separate focus with 70 utilities focused on health, physical and soul for residents such as the glass-bottom pool area connecting the two towers, overlooking the panoramic Saigon River. Next to the lagoon, relax on the top with hydrotherapy, lying between high meditation paths and herbs.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Model D’Edge Thao Dien

In addition, the owner designed a unique combination of garden types unique throughout the project including: tea garden, herbal garden and spice, garden phoenix, running and cycling garden, flower garden, garden parking car. Each type of garden is consulted by landscape design consultants to bring the experience of living in harmony with nature. If the garden of lobster convergence of plants attracted natural butterfly bees, the flower garden with unique architecture help residents can see the city’s scenic …

After the landscape and architectural elements, the inspiration for “staying healthy” at D’Edge Thao Dien is placed in an apartment layout with dual designs (with a shared wall with another apartment) or even is single (not in common with any apartment) to maximize privacy; At the same time, promote the circulation of gas with natural light.

Empire City apartment project (Thu Thiem new urban area)

Empire City is inspired by the nature of the limestone masterpiece from Ha Long Bay and is inspired by traditional bamboo. Empire City is located in the golden position of the center of Thu Thiem New Town on the romantic Saigon River. This multi-purpose project will be the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City in the future and bring Sai Thanh residents a new, higher life.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Perspective of Thu Thiem Empire City project

An important point in this project is that all apartments are full furniture before delivery to customers. The furniture used in the apartment is imported directly from Europe, the style is both classic and luxury.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Empire City Apartments Thu Thiem

The smart in the design here is that the architect took full advantage of space to help homeowners save space and energy by taking the light and direct wind from the outside. In addition to the complete interior such as kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, sanitary ware, wooden floors … security here will be secured by security cameras, apartment cards and powerful protection.

Q2 Thao Dien apartment project (Thao Dien ward)

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Perspective of apartment project Q2 Thao Dien

Q2 Thao Dien apartment project is an architectural masterpiece showing the clever combination of creative design and intelligent living space in every detail, even the smallest. The project consists of many penthouse apartments with high ceilings, balconies are extremely airy, open beautiful view towards the Saigon River, providing a spacious living space, dynamic and spacious minerals. The elements that show the interaction with nature are perfectly applied delicately and throughout the living space of the whole apartment here. Detail: Discover the unique system of convenience at Q2 Thao Dien apartment project.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Perspective view from apartment Q2 Thao Dien

The Q2 Thao Dien apartments have 360-degree panoramic views of the green Saigon River and surrounding modern urban areas. This remarkable riverfront advantage has brought cool breezes and light to SIX @ Q2, a place for active activities and ONE-TREE @ Q2, a place for activities. Relaxing entertainment. The owners of Q2 Thao Dien apartments in very limited numbers will have innumerable privileges and use their own elevator as one of them.

Apartment project Feliz en Vista (Thanh My Loi Ward)

“Feliz” means “happiness” in Spanish, the message that the owner wants to send to the residents of the project. The platform makes a difference in the vision and level of the owner of the prestigious CapitaLand (Singapore). With real estate development experience in over 150 cities and 25 countries worldwide, CapitaLand has 22 years of real estate development in Vietnam with 17 serviced apartments and 8 residential projects. This is one of the longest foreign investors in Vietnam.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Project perspective Feliz en Vista

As the eighth project of the unit in Vietnam, Feliz en Vista brings the ambition of Singapore investors to set a new standard for the high-end apartment market in HCMC with the combination of architecture, technology Art.

Inspired by “The City Fabric”, the marvelous city is knit on every smooth filament, Feliz en Vista is a mix and crystalline harmony between the modern values and the unforgettable nature. Inspired by the essence of traditional fabrics and textiles, the project combines both artistic beauty and fashion in every texture.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2

Lobby at the Feliz en Vista project

Elegant but still feels cozy, modern but still mixes the fun of a bit of classic, this is reflected clearly in the design of the project landscape of each building or interior of each gadget. Feliz en Vista itself has hidden the charm of the lines are embroidered in a large fabric. This is one of the high-end real estate projects invested and caring about the design language.

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