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A lot of new enterprises to establish to invest in real estate business

The number of real estate business increased sharply.

According to the latest data from the Department of Business Registration Management (Ministry of Planning and Investment), in the first eight months of 2017, there were 85,357 newly established enterprises nationwide with the registered capital of 822,116 billion VND, up 16.3% in number of enterprises and 44.8% in registered capital over the same period of 2016.

Thus, the total newly registered capital of 822.116 billion dong and 1.1 trillion dong of additional registered capital of enterprises have increased the total registered capital to the economy in the past eight months reach 1.9 million billion dong.

Classified by sectors, the proportion of newly established firms increased in most of sectors compared with the same period in 2016.

In particular, the real estate business increased most, with 3,156 registered enterprises newly established with total capital of 217,139 billion, up 65.8% in number and 62.8% in capital.

The second largest business line is finance, banking and insurance with 966 newly registered enterprises, total registered capital of VND18.433 billion, increase 33.4% in number and 50% in capital.

The list is followed by education and training with 2,242 registered businesses, up 30.0%; Health and social activities with 451 enterprises, increase 29.6%; …

In addition, there are 4 sectors decreased compared with the same period last year, including: mining sector with registered capital of 8.767 billion, down 57.2%; Agriculture, forestry and fisheries has registered capital  of VND 13,995 billion, decrease 13.7%; information and media is 16,233 billion, down 6.9%; transportation and warehousing has registered capital of 21.813 billion, down 4.4%.

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Also according to data from the above Department, there has 19,154 businesses are back into operation nationwide in the past eight months.

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