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Lux Garden Apartment – Lux Garden Dat Xanh District 7

Luxgarden Apartment

Lux Garden – Continuing the successful Lux label of Dat Xanh Group will be officially announced in the first quarter of 2017.

Luxgarden Apartments – Successful succession of a series of apartments opened, the Dat Xanh Group will be officially launched in District 7.

Luxcity has a twin brother called Lux Garden because the demand for affordable housing in a convenient location with excellent facilities is still very large; Therefore, Dat Xanh Group develops LuxGarden apartment District 7 project and focuses on the apartment line for living.


Luxgarden Apartment
Overall perspective Luxgarden project district 7 of Dat Xanh Group along the Saigon River
  • Investor: Dat Xanh Group
  • The history of development of Dat Xanh: before developing Luxgarden, Dat Xanh Group has implemented many successfull projects, some of them handed over to customers as Luxcity (District 7), Opal Tower (Thu Duc), Opal Skyview, Opal Garden, Sunview Tower, etc.
  • Location: at 370 Nguyen Van Quy , Phu Nhuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Consulting design: Ong&Ong
  • Name: Luxgarden
  • Project Area: over 121,2sqm
  • Area of greenery: over 355sqm
  • Swimming pool area: 430sqm
  • Number of storey: 27
  • Area of Luxgarden apartment: 2-3 comfortable bedrooms
  • Population: about 1,200 residents
  • Facilities: commercial center, standard pools, gym, spa, BBQ areas, walking street, green park, children’s playground, community, etc.
  • Legal Project: Pink Book
  • Form of ownership: Vietnamese (permanent) – Foreigners (50 years).
  • Long-term payment schedule: with banks supporting loans with preferential interest rates

The location of Luxgarden District 7 – Dat Xanh Group

Luxgarden Apartment
Site map Luxgarden located at District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Luxgarden project is built next to and along the bank of Saigon river, designed the green space surrounding the apartments as in a completely green area with unique and delicate design blended with nature.

Lux Garden Apartment District 7 is surrounded by tree-lined precinct along the bank of the river and fresh air, that all will create a classy space and close to nature. Luxgarden Apartment owns a prime location in District 7 for leisure purpose. Especially, it is located near Mui Den Do around Dao Tri; This will be the bustling road later. Luxgarden apartments are located in bustling residential area and absolute security.

Moreover, Luxgarden is an ideal living place because it is out of the cramped city, and has a cool and fresh space, and a clear and unobstructed view. It is convenient and easy to go to surrounding areas as District 2, District 8, Nha Be or District 4, District 1 because it takes just about 10 minutes for driving.

Facilities system of Luxgarden District 7 project – Dat Xanh Group

Luxgarden also includes mini supermarkets and cafes, and you and your family or friends enjoy barbecues at BBQ. It can be said that Lux garden will make your family’s life become much simpler with relatively full of facilities you expect.

Luxgarden Apartment
The Luxgarden project has a unique architectural concept in District 7

External facilities of Lux Garden District 7:

Lux Garden apartment District 7 has a wide range of high-class, adequate and high-quality facilities such as Vivo City Parkson, FV Healthcare, Tam Duc Paragon Hospital, high quality universities as Ton Duc Thang University, RMIT International University, etc. Thus, its residents will not have to worry about what to do here.

Architecture design of Luxgarden Dat Xanh District 7 project

Design ideas of Luxgarden apartment comes from purpose of bringing comfortable life to its customers. Many families have to travel to the outskirts of the City in order to breathe the fresh air or watch a river as well as the shady grass but its customers can stay in their apartment and enjoy fresh space after long working days to leave their stress and fatigue.

Lux Garden inspired are designed from the idea of “back to nature”. This has prompted Dat Xanh Group to give their customers an natural apartment, the apartment of your family, of joy and simple happiness

  • The investor of the project Dat Xanh Group has prestige and strong financial strength; It built and handed over many successful projects before implementing Lux Garden District 7.
  • Luxgarden Dat Xanh District 7 is located in a prime location in District 7.
  • It has beautiful and perfect view, and is next to the bank of Saigon River.
  • The land with green areas is one of the advantages of Luxgarden.
  • It has the architectural design in style of in harmony with nature, and then it makes you feel peaceful and relax.
  • Its reasonable prices will be matched each family’s finance.

For more information and registration, please contact us: Luxgarden Green Apartment Project District 7. Hotline: 0909 890 897 or (+84)909 890 897 (24/7).

See more information available at: Vietnam Real Estate

Lux Garden Apartment – Lux Garden Dat Xanh District 7

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