Lux Garden District 7 – Living In New York

Lux Garden luxury apartment in District 7 is located in front of Dao Tri, next to the Red Mangrove Park and Phu My Hung center. A lot of customers have been trying to settle down in this place because of its convenient location and so many interesting facilities.

Lux Garden in District 7 is a dream home for many customers.

Lux Garden District 7 is a complex with many facilities has been planned synchronously. The apartment is not only beautiful but also luxurious and class. In just 10 minutes you can easily and quickly move to District 7, District 2 or District 1.

At Lux Garden District 7 you will save a lot of time for traveling. If speaking time is gold, at Lux Garden District 7 customers save a lot of gold, many opportunities to work and cooperate. Because this luxury apartment is located in the center of Phu My Hung, you can go to Big C Supermarket, Coop Mart or Lotte Cinema only 5 – 10 minutes, to British International School or international hospital only about 10 minutes.

Lux Garden District 7

Lux Garden District 7 has many different amenities for residents

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What is the difference in Lux Garden District 7?

Lux Garden District 7 attracts customers by this model apartment designed in modern architecture and intelligent house structure. Investors understand that airy living space will greatly affect the health of residents. Therefore, Lux Garden District 7 makes the most out of the wind and natural light. From here you can see Saigon river bank, a tranquil Saigon in the sunset and peaceful in the morning. A safe and quality place where you can rest after a long day of stressful work can only be in Lux Garden District 7.

Which customers have been buying Lux Garden District 7?

Lux Garden District 7 has the honor of welcoming more than 1600 families to settle in this place. Customers who purchased Lux Garden District 7 are usually residents working in District 1, District 2, District 7, District 3 or District 5. Some of them are in Hi-Tech Park in District 9 or Nha Be and if they live in Lux Garden District 7 they also save time to work.

If you ask me how much income can be at the Lux Garden District 7, I would advise that to cover the costs and live in this high-end apartment, the total income of the family is usually about §1.304. Currently, the residents here are senior office workers, engineers, business owners, doctors … so you will be very satisfied with modern living environment civilized here.

In addition, many Lux Garden apartments in District 7 are bought by investors for profit. You have a fixed monthly income and a fixed asset. Especially many high-income earners have bought separately for their parents the Lux Garden apartment District 7 to announce the meaning of birth.

Why does the Lux Garden District 7 attract so many customers?

Many investors love and choose Lux Garden District 7 is an investment channel, a quick buy place to sell because of the land investors. After the Sunview Town project and the high-end OPAL products, Lux Garden District 7 continues to be the high-end apartments to be sought in 2017. Green land started the Lux Garden project in District 7 with 3 sides bordering Saigon River which affirmed a Sai Gon river along the river and the level will be and will be formed. Along with the projects to renovate the Saigon Green River – clean and beautiful, this is a place that will be extremely expensive in the future.

The place for my child to study, old mother and father to live – is just in the Lux Garden District 7.

Lux Garden 7th District, Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh said: I had a lot of concerns about buying Lux Garden District 7 but now I feel it is a good decision. With more than 500 apartments, Lux Garden is not too crowded with its residents. We do not have to squeeze each green block centimeter, or up and down the elevator to wait too much time. There is also a swimming pool, a park where GYM is practiced, as well as a safe place for children to play. The adults who come to work for us after a day of hard work can enjoy a fun conversation together. Especially if you want to meet friends, the place is also easy to find and easy to send cars, motorcycles. Around the area, there are also cafes with a beautiful view to inviting friends to discuss their work. I also bought for my parents Lux Garden apartment in District 7 because it can be convenient to go care for grandparents and grandchildren traveling closer and also have a General Clinic, International Hospital, family doctor …

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Lux Garden District 7 because you deserve to enjoy life differently

The progress of delivery Lux Garden District 7 is expected in the first quarter 2017. You will enjoy a living space green, clean and luxurious. The airy and quiet air will be a place to relax completely after a day in the middle of the stream.

Peace is when you come home to gather the tray of family rice with your loved ones.

Peace is that when we get home we have a quiet space to find ourselves.

Peace is to enjoy a cup of coffee to see the bright lights on Saigon…

Lux Garden District 7 luxury apartments are reliable addresses for you to choose to live long life later. For more information about Lux Garden District 7 please contact us.

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