Luxury and modern façade design for the house type

The design of the facade depends on many factors such as feng shui, hobbies, economic conditions, …. Therefore, how to choose a design is not easy.

Families in Vietnam nowadays prefer to build tubular houses. The house is rectangular, with a small narrow width, so it is suitable for building houses in densely populated urban areas with limited land area.

Tube house has the advantage of easy construction, fast construction, cost savings, creating modern, luxurious feeling for the house. Do not hesitate any longer, please Realestatevietnam to refer to some ultra-modern luxury design for the home pipe nhé!

Type of tube house to stay

The tube house is usually designed with the front gate and has a small garden to create a clear feeling for the house. The color of the façade is usually dependent on the owner’s home. However, when choosing a façade paint color, neutral colors are always the preferred choice.

Neutral color is always a top choice for tube houses

Neutral color is always a top choice for tube houses

Neutral colors are often chosen as light brown, black, white, gray, …. Along with that is the green plaque from the decorative tree arranged in the porch, railing to make the house more lively. The type of tube house is always aimed at maximum streamlining, because with the design not too sophisticated will help the house become more delicate and luxurious.

For the past few years, white has always been the choice of many Vietnamese who want to paint the front. The layout of the tube house is not too sophisticated so it is easy to integrate with living space around. But the highlight to make the difference between each different pipe house requires aesthetic eye of the landlord and architect.

The most important type of pipe house architecture is the choice of paint colors to suit different designs. The construction of the house does not require too much complexity, so the main focus in the method of color selection will be crucial.

Type of pipe for business

Pipeline construction for business purposes is often directed to the face, easy to see and use many eye sucking effect by using glass aluminum material. Glass material will help to smooth the house, which will make customers see the product you are doing business better

Pipes for business usually use aluminum glass

Pipes for business usually use aluminum glass

The façade of the tube house for commercial purposes will not normally be constructed of a separate iron gate that will make an entrance. However, the downside is that the type of tube house business usually does not bring much light to the house. Therefore, make the most of the glass material in the front of the home to become airborne, not dark. If you want to limit sunlight in sunny days, you can arrange blinds. And do not forget to choose the color of the curtains “eat” the same color of the front of the house.

If you want to design more car space for your customers, you can refer to the ground floor layout is the parking. With this kind of facade design, you should alternate the wood material for the construction of square geometric blocks to create the highlight on the upper floors.

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Tube house is now the favorite architectural trend in Vietnam. Tube house is loved by its simplicity, ease of construction and inexpensive but still luxurious and modern. This is expected to be a large-scale pre-built house, replacing the old-fashioned house designs of the past few years in Vietnam.

Choose your favorite tube model

Choose your favorite tube model

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