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Luxury Apartment Ha Noi – Attractive From West Lake

luxury apartment in Ha Noi

Ownership of a luxury apartment Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence is also meant to be on the streets in the street and hold hands in the wealth of profitable.

The attraction from the gold position

If someone says that the above comments are too dreaming, then perhaps they have not once walked around the West Lake to catch winds down the afternoon, or never wandering along the shadowed streets like Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham , Never heard of the cockroaches in the early morning dome from Bach Thao Park – the green lungs of Hanoi.

For those who love Hanoi, just mention the image that the feeling of Hanoi come back, so they cannot stop the desire to rush down the chest inhaled the essence of Hanoi in Tay Ho.

luxury apartment in Ha Noi
Overall project Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.

“Include Hanoi in the heart”, there is no better word to describe the prime location of the project Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence. Located between the green lungs of the capital – 500 hectares of West Lake water and 10 hectares of ancient botanical gardens, each apartment in the project gives the owner a life of daily living. Stepping on it, the exhaustion of the crowded disappears, only left the slow turn time with the bicycles carrying Nhat Tan flower on the street, the aromatic tea West Ho Ho and the joy of gathering.

To a foreigner like Matthew Powell, director Savills Hanoi also fell in love with that space. With him: “Although the Hanoi property market has changed a lot with many new development areas, Tay Ho has never lost its own attraction. Beautiful natural scenery and spacious air rare where there is.

In the eyes of the real estate connoisseurs, the West Lake area is synonymous with “luxury,” because space itself has defined its own set of norms. Each square meter of land in the area adjacent to West Lake is priced at no less than $ 17,686 – 22,107. As for apartments, the lowest price is about $1,989 – 2,210/sqm. That means, a 100sqm apartment in this area as low as $221,075. Meanwhile, the price of a luxury apartment in Tokyo – one of the most expensive cities in the world is about $132,645 – 663,227, and the price of a 100-120sqm apartment in Singapore is only about $265,291. This simple comparison is enough to show off the charm of the time of such projects as Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.

More value added

There are a few things to consider that investing in a luxury apartment in Sun Grand City. Thuy Khue Residence is an antique-like business, so long will cost.

luxury apartment in Ha Noi
The lobby of Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence is luxuriously designed as 5 star hotels.

As evidenced by Q2 FY2017, the premium segment was the only segment that gained in both markets with a 1% and 3% increase in both the primary and the secondary markets. At projects with prime locations of reputable developers, over 50% of the units are owned after the sale. The outlook is even greater when the real estate market report of the Vietnam Real Estate Association in the first 6 months of the year shows that “the projects are located in a prime location, providing full facilities and utilities for residents of the coin. Bullish trend. All segments witnessed primary price increases by the year. “

Just walking around the West Lake, people who are less interested in real estate are most noticeable, this area is a hunting ground for foreigners to work in Hanoi. This unique living space in the midst of the noisy capital makes most professionals ready for the ultimate level of living. Savills Vietnam also proved too real estate investors that real estate for rent in this area has occupancy rates of 80% per year and foreigners are the majority of foreigners.

luxury apartment in Ha Noi
Sun Grand City’s 4 Olympic Standard Pool Thuy Khue Residence.

In the future, when the urban railway No. 2 from South Thang Long (CIPUTRA) runs along Nguyen Van Huyen stretches through Hoang Quoc Viet – Hoang Hoa Tham – Thuy Khue – Phan Dinh Phung to the old town into reality. Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence is just minutes away from Hoan Kiem Lake, walking the street and enjoying Hanoi’s most. According to experience from high real estate cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Paris … real estate projects near urban railway stations will increase over time.

Then, Hoang Hoa Tham Street will have a width of up to 50m, including 8 lanes, Thuy Khue road to 20.5m wide will also expand, meaning the potential for rent multiplication to multiple levels. As such, every Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence apartment is lucrative over time, not a misnomer.

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