Luxury Life In Lavida Plus Quoc Cuong Apartment

In the third quarter of 2017, Quoc Cuong owner has officially opened for sale the Lavida Plus apartment in District 7 with the system of advanced services and facilities to bring beautiful life for your family.

The South Saigon market is welcoming a new super-launch called the very human meaning name. This is the luxury apartment project invested very well with the long-term strategic vision from Quoc Cuong Gia Lai. If you want to enjoy a beautiful life and experience a luxurious living space in Ho Chi Minh City, do not miss the opportunity to own apartments in Lavida Plus in District 7.

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Lavida Quoc Cuong Apartment

The overall perspective of Lavida Plus apartment project in the center of District 7

There is some brief information about Lavida Plus for interested buyers below. The more you know about the project, the more likely you will be to make the final decision. Choosing to buy a house or invest in real estate is not the joke but it is a matter of great financial influence. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing to buy an apartment in Lavida Plus in District 7 or other projects.

Lavida Plus District 7 – Branding real estate has great meaning from the name

Lavida Plus apartment, 3-block super complex with more than 1000 apartments, will be officially launched by investors in July, this project has been very prominent and attracted the attention of a large number of customers.

The project is located on a land fund of 21,895sqm at the junction of 4 Nguyen Huu Tho – Nguyen Van Linh and adjacent to two sides of the Rach Dia River, which is very cool, so the landscape is very charming, the air is fresh and the transportation is convenient.

Of the apartments in District 7 in general, many people when looking at real estate market in the South of Ho Chi Minh City have looked to Lavida Plus in District 7 as an attractive stop because now the area is very potent but the number of quality projects is not high. That is the part that helps the Lavida Plus come closer to investors and raise Quoc Cuong Gia Lai brand to the new level.

To share about Lavida Plus, actually referring all day, even a few pages of paper cannot run out of the whole. Therefore, for this section, we will briefly introduce you to the human meaning behind the Lavida Plus name of the project. Understanding the deep roots of the brand name, you will better understand the project from the perspective of the investor. From there, you will have the right and accurate assessments.

Lavida Quoc Cuogn Apartment

The superior utility system excels at the Lavida Plus apartment project in District 7

What does the name Lavida Plus mean or is it is just for fun? Accordingly, Lavida Plus is actually the very fresh name with a pleasant combination of language between Spanish and English. “Lavida” corresponds in Spanish as “Life”, while “Plus” in English is “endless cumulative values”. Combining the phrase Lavida Plus, you can understand that the project is “Beautiful Life” – simply understood, Lavida Plus will be the place to bring great value to help the lives of residents to be more sublimated and nicer.

Not only is the full range of gadgets, refined design, and interior but Lavida Plus is also a great place to nurture the spirits of the residents in a relaxing. Living in Lavida Plus apartment means that you are enjoying the most wonderful life that everyone wants to experience.

Lavida Plus in District 7 and beautiful life for the happy family

With the meaningful name, the investor has oriented development Lavida Plus in District 7 in accordance with humanitarian meaning identified as the original criteria. That is the reason why in the size of Lavida Plus, we see 3 blocks, but there is a block C dedicated to the utility with 6 floors of commercial services and swimming cool shore on the top floor (7th floor) …

In addition, the blocks in the project are interconnected through a car tunnel and air-conditioned walkways and pools so that residents of Lavida Plus can easily experience the cost of living. Thanks to that, no matter what apartment you live in, in any blocks, you just want to enjoy the convenience, you can easily move to the same area.

Lavida Quoc Cuong Apartment

The system of utilities, perfect service, variety at the project Lavida Plus District 7

The apartments here are designed with airy open space with a view of the whole exterior landscapes and high-end well-equipped interior apartments to bring nature and the most wonderful things inside the apartment.

Each day living in Lavida Plus in District 7 will surely be each day of happy residents. If your home has not been formed at Lavida Plus, it is really a large shortcoming.

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