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Many “Attract Guests” When Real Estate Slowed Down

Real estate slowed down

“I’m Loc, I have an M apartment in District 7 for only $39,000; 20%  profit, he bought for interest investment, designer 2, 3 bedrooms, beautiful location … If attractive, call me back “.

This is one of the many apartment advertising messages that the last time the writer received. However, this project is actually in Binh Chanh district and cost $ 78,000 / unit.

Advertising is different from the truth

Assessing real estate market in the first 6 months of 2017, the investors of apartment projects said that the market has slowed down. This is also the time when the investors have a headache because of the way to promote the project because they understand one thing when promoting the project, Customers will know and care about the project more, they will sell very quickly. And if you do not invest in advertising, do not bring information to customers, the project will be “difficult” to sell.

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In addition, not only earnest investment but also the level 1 distribution units also spend money to make advertising and for sales staff, make every effort to be able to tell customers what your product is selling. So, funny stories for customers when reading these real estate ads take place.

Mr. Hua Thanh Tung, the worker at Binh Tan Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City after receiving promotional message M project in District 7 for $ 39,000; contact the phone number in the message, then he is scheduled to visit the model house and project progress.

“At that time, I thought that the house in District 7 for $ 39,000;  two bedrooms are too good. Surprisingly, when the company staff led to the project turned out in the Trung Son area, Binh Chanh district, apartment prices reached nearly $ 87,000.

Ask why the apartment so that advertising is not true, then the staff apologized and said, advertising to attract customers. I can not say anything because to go to this project I have to take half a session of work, “Tung said.

Another joke in the real estate village is happening, which is the Ministry of Information and Communications tightens ads by spam messages, Then the real estate companies have new ways that are phone calls to advertise.

According to a sales representative of the real estate trading floor in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, in order to get “potential customers”, The real estate companies put money from the list of customers from the bank, then split it up for business staff to call.

Real estate slowed down
Introduce unique attacks to the client

Ms. Nguyen Cam Nhung, the resident of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, tells the story she had to cry in front of a real estate agent because when she called for an advertisement to buy a land plot project in District 9, With attractive rates and prices …

However, when she agreed to visit the project, she ran a motorbike from District 4, following the guidance of the brokerage staff and finally ran straight down to Di An District, Binh Duong Province, where the official location of the project.

“Sai Gon sun in the heat of the fire, they instructed me to run around and then to where I discovered that the subdivision project to sell … As a woman, in a place where people are absent, when I arrived, I only cried and did not dare to speak with the brokerage staff, fearing that they would attack me, “she said.

To get advertising ideas is also not easy with the real estate companies. Even now, many units usually hire a media company in charge of advertising their projects on websites and even on Gmail…

For example, stories on the streets of Saigon and Hanoi in the past appeared on the scene of young girls in cool clothes, banners project and the name of the investor cycling around the streets in the city.

Even so, to bring the project to the customer that many investors think of the game for sales staff standing in the middle of the road, where the project is preparing to sell off the car to block the road to distribute flyers.

Or recently, at the alley 202 Nguyen Thi Nguyen Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, the whole town was upset and sticks stick three young men around the alley at noon. Because the alley was equipped with a CCTV security camera, when the three young men came to the gates of the houses, they thought that the bad guys were snooping about the theft. But this is three young men spread leaflets advertising real estate …

Unpredictable consequences for the owner

According to Nguyen Manh Hung, lecturer in Communication Department of Van Lang University (HCMC), It is not a bad thing to advertise a project so that customers know about the project, but the owners have to make it easier for them to reach their customers. However, what the owner needs to remember is never to misrepresent the truth, so that they lose trust from the customer and have trouble developing the project.

“For example, last time, at the project in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, the project owner posted information advertising the apartment has 3 lifts in the flyer and then distributed to customers, but when construction is complete, home delivery, the customer only see 2 lifts. So the customer accused investors cheated customers, advertising 3 months, but then reduced to only 2 lifts. The story on the newspaper, the fault belongs to … Printers, “Hung said.

Real estate slowed down
Launched luxury apartments to attract customers

A director of the real estate trading floor in District 2 said that it is true that the real estate market has slowed down now, investors and even real estate trading floors have to think of ways to attract customers to come to buy the project. If the project does not sell, the developer does not have money to develop the project, the midsize companies and the floor do not have money to pay employees, so they have to think of ways to attract customers.

For example, in District 2 will be based on metro infrastructure, low price …, but when customers come, then explain the apartment that price is gone…

Even in the race to grab market share, not rare real estate trading floors claim to be the primary distribution unit of the major investors to create banner ads or images on the website, Facebook. , Zalo … with the content “strange” unprecedented.

Nguyen Van Hau, General Director of Asian Holding Real Estate Joint Stock Company, said that the reason that real estate floors prefer the “unique”, this is because this method easily stimulates the curiosity of homebuyers, giving them more attention to the product. From there, it creates the opportunity for the seller to expand the number of leads.

“However, from the perspective of the owner, I find that this is like a double-edged sword. Although more can be sold, projects are more noticeable, but can seriously affect the reputation of the owners themselves.

Most of the businesses in the market place little use of “strange” advertising to reach potential customers because they do not match the product criteria, mainly in the middle and high-end segment they are targeting.

The widespread situation of self-made advertisements, widespread dissemination in the sensational content, the customer mainly due to the distribution itself without the exchange with the owner.

This has led to the client’s denial of counterfeit advertising is perfectly possible and when it is clear that the money is lost, the investor must suffer, ” Mr.Hau said.

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Many “Attract Guests” When Real Estate Slowed Down

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