Market District 2 to the throne thanks to the intrinsic advantages

Over the years, it is easy to see that the growth of the real estate market in HCMC is very large. And District 2 is the most impressive local growth in this city.

This place promises to bring you a place to live long career long dream. Thanks to its favorable location, the real estate market in District 2 is developing strongly and is able to reach out to the top with the most developed real estate in the country.

What are the advantages of upgrading district 2?

With convenient location, you can easily move to the city center or district 7, … In addition to the existing infrastructure and transport facilities, the transportation system connects to the provinces in the South East having also gradually improved. Contributing to the development of real estate in the South East.

District 2

District 2 possesses the advantage of complete transportation infrastructure

In addition to the strategic location being exploited, the facilities within the apartment projects, townhouses in District 2 also increased the advantages for this locality. Most of the projects here are full of utility systems in District 2. With a wide range of parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, …

It can be said that the potential development of real estate projects today is extremely large for both investors or residents choose a place to live permanently. Particularly, the first Metro line of the city passing through this locality is nearing completion, which has contributed positively to the real estate market.

The real estate market in District 2 has potential already existed

The central land fund is running out, resonating with the outstanding facilities inherited from the area is a special potential for the high-rise apartment projects in District 2 increased. In Cat Lai and Thu Thiem urban areas, the two most prominent areas of District 2 are many projects implemented over the years. Most are high-end projects, to see the real estate giant began to see great potential in District 2.

In addition to the transport system with a synchronous connection with the city center, district 2 has many key infrastructure projects with total investment capital of nearly 250 trillion dong. The most notable is the metro line 1: Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.


Cat Lai urban area Property

is emerging in District 2 as an investment of the development of high-end real estate projects

According to some projections released on the market in 2018, the supply of apartments in District 2 will increase 58%. The total floor area used for the construction of trade centers is expected to increase by 10% by 2020. Particularly, Cat Lai urban area, with a total area of ​​152 hectares, is becoming the focus when a series of apartment projects are implemented, completed and opened for sale. Only Kien A Group, which owns one third of this urban area, has sold thousands of high-end apartments in the past two years.

It can be said that the new traffic system and urban architecture completely changed the face of Cat Lai. Bring this urban area into one of the four satellite centers of Ho Chi Minh City.

Will real estate in District 2 be able to develop in the future?

The real estate market in District 2 is focusing more funds for the development of new urban areas. Along with that is to renovate the investment environment to attract capital from the big players create high-end projects in this locality. With many advantages are gradually more prominent, the forecast is only a few years to District 2 will be a place to bring more value for peace and investment as well as investment.

Is this the reason why a series of apartment projects, townhouses advanced … in District 2 is formed and open sale series. In particular, the most prominent time is the luxury apartment project Gem Riverside of his large Dat Green Group.

Gem Riverside is located in the most exclusive land of District 2, next to Saigon River. Beautiful views overlooking the green park and the Saigon river. This place is considered as a “Little Europe” in the heart of Saigon beating and noisy. The Gem Riverside project is inspired by modern European design. Give residents a living space that is both luxurious and classy without losing their proximity to nature and the environment.

Gem Riverside District 2

A 7ha park within the project area will be a great attraction for customers. Especially when the green project is at its current state

The most unique feature that Gem Riverside brings to the project residents is a 7-hectare public park on 2 sides of the river. This will be the “green lung” for the project as well as “air conditioning” for the city air.

Each apartment in the project is delicately designed, luxury furniture, harmonious feng shui … Helps residents not only get a life standard. That will bring more luck for the whole family, creating a premise for the owner to move forward in the career. Future real estate market in District 2 is expected to grow strongly and further. Creating waves to blow the project in the area. And Gem Riverside is no exception to that.

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