Masteri An Phu apartment project with 18 things you have to know?

When looking for information about Masteri An Phu apartment project you need to know what? Here we offer 18 things you should know before deciding to buy luxury apartment Masteri An Phu, District 2.

Masteri An Phu is a key project of Thao Dien Invesment in 2017. The project is built in front of Ha Noi Highway, the fourth product follows the chain of Masteri brand projects. Although it is not officially opened, Master An Phu received great attention from investors.

Let’s get together with we through 18 things you need to know about the latest Masteri An Phu June, 1977 to get a better overview of this upcoming project.

  1. Who is Masteri An Phu’s investor?

Master An Phu apartment project is invested by Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company (Thao Dien Invesment). The investment unit has strong potential, owns a series of large projects in the beautiful positions such as Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri Millennium, Masteri M-One. Masteri’s projects usually are handed over on schedule or within 1 to 3 months.

  1. What is the special place of Master An Phu?

Master An Phu Project is located in Ha Noi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City (adjacent to Thao Dien Gateway), adjacent  to Metro An Phu – State-invested elevated railway, parallel to the main artery of Hanoi Highway – Gateway to the city. Especially, the project is located in the heart of An Phu – An Khanh area, the busiest and most modern area of ​​District 2, so the value of real estate here will increase continuously in the near future. conceit. Masteri An Phu is only 200m from Sai Gon River, it takes about 7 minutes to get to District 1.

  1. Infrastructure around Masteri An Phu

Masteri An Phu is located in the area of ​​existing transport infrastructure such as Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien, Mai Chi Tho – Thu Thiem Tunnel connecting East – West City, Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay, Saigon 2 Bridge … You can move from Masteri An Phu to the neighboring areas quite quickly.

  1. What is the size of the project?

Masteri An Phu is built on 10,000 sqm of land, including two 33-storey twin towers.

Construction floor area: More than 89,964 sqm

Building density of the whole area: Only 29%

Tree density, walks: More than 60%

Number of tunnels: 2 basements for parking

Floor 1 – 3: Trade Center, service

Floor 4 – 32: Apartment area from 1-3 bedrooms

Floor 33: Penthouse

Total apartment: 900 apartments

Type of investment: Apartment, Officetel, Shophouse, Penthouse

Masteri An Phu apartment

Perspective Masteri An Phu luxury apartment

  1. Are Masteri An Phu prices really attractive?

The estimated selling price of Masteri An Phu ranges from VND38-40 million / m2. According to us information, Master An Phu could very well be built for the higher end of the Master Thao Dien project, in line with Thao Dien Gateway. Therefore, Master An Phu has a slightly higher price.

  1. What are the highlights?

Masteri An Phu standard building meets the Compound area with modern facilities such as: Commercial Center, Vinmart supermarket on ground floor (250sqm), swimming pool, gym, BBQ, garden. The large green area accounts for 60% of the area, fresh environment.

  1. External utility area

Vincom Mega Mall, Metro An Phu, Parkson Cantavil.

  1. How does Masteri An Phu look like?

Masteri An Phu possesses a wide range of visions: Saigon River view, dynamic Hanoi Highway, panoramic East, Thao Dien Villas and views of local amenities.

Masteri An Phu located

Masteri An Phu is located in the high-end project in District 2 – opportunity for high prices in the future

  1. What does bank guarantee?

Techcombank provides 80% of the value of the apartment for 20 years, plus 0% interest rate until the house is accepted.

  1. Who is The main Constructorof Masteri An Phu?

In 2017, Coteccons continues to bid for Masteri An Phu. Masteri branded products always focus on the quality of the project, Masteri An Phu is no exception. The presence of the “big guys” in real estate and finance shows the goodwill and desire of investors in creating a modern and classy living space for people in the heart of the city.

  1. Apartment design Masteri An Phu

Masteri An Phu is a smart apartment with 360 degree view, 45-92sqm, from 1 – 3 bedrooms, Officetel, Penthouse, Shophouse.

Design each building: 12 units / floor, 4 elevators / towers.

  1. Construction time, latest handover information and progress

Masteri An Phu was officially kicked off in the first quarter of 2017, so far, the construction progress has reached the 5th floor, which is expected to be completed and handed over to customers in the fourth quarter of 2018.

  1. Opening time and method of payment

Expected to open Masteri An Phu sale in Q3 / 2017. Deposit from 50 million. Flexible payment 30% until receiving the house, deferred payment within 18 months, Techombank Bank loans from 75-80% of the apartment value, original grace up to 24 months, free early repayment up to 24 months. Discounts can be up to 4-5%.

  1. Furniture of Masteri An Phu apartment

Finished apartments at Master An Phu include: Tempered glass doors, wooden floors, sanitary ware, kitchen shelves, electrical equipment, lighting equipment.

  1. Can two apartments join together?

Depending on the location and unit, if it does not affect the structure of the building and the consent of the investor, customers buy two consecutive apartments and  can join them together to create a larger width.

  1. Form of apartment ownership

Apartment / Penthouse: proprietary

Shophouse / Officetel: long term lease

  1. Rental profit at Master An Phu

Masteri An Phu is located in the area is planned complete, convenient facilities, convenient transportation. Rental rates ranged from $ 650 – $ 1200 per month (1PN – 3PN), good rental and long term investments, high and stable return from 10% per annum.

  1. What are the reasons for investing in Master An Phu?

Excellent location, close to metro line, high price potential.

Prestigious investors, always handed over on time.

Utilities-Existing Existing Existing.

Unique design, 360-degree panoramic view of the vibrant East and Saigon River.

Competitive price versus position, flexible payment.

In the third quarter of 2017, Thao Dien invites investors to open Master An Phu apartment, District 2 in August.
For more information and registration, as well as information about the process of buying and selling Masteri An Phu Apartment District 2, please contact.
Project Sales Office Master An Phu, District 2
Hotline: (+84)909 890 897

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