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The meaning of planning maps types 1 / 5,000, 1 / 2,000 and 1/500

Traffic map of 1 / 2,000 Thu Thiem new urban area 

What are the types of maps planned in 1 / 5,000, 1 / 2,000, 1/500 scale …?

Recently, the story of the 1 / 5,000th map of Thu Thiem urban area became a hot topic of public concern and controversy. In reality, however, many of us, especially those who are less involved in construction, compensation and clearance, do not understand the meaning or readability of maps at 1 / 50,000 scale, 1 / 25,000, 1 / 5,000, 1 / 2,000, 1/500 … In this article, Realestatevietnamsends you the information and knowledge around this issue.

Why planning must have a map?

Information from the lost planning map 1 / 5,000 Thu Thiem new urban area is hot on the news. Through this new question many people ask What is the planning map, what is the meaning of it?

According to the law, planning must have a map. This is clearly stated in the promulgated legal documents. There will be many types of maps used depending on each stage. Their meaning and tasks are clearly stated in the legal and planning documents.

Projects are only built after a detailed planning scale of 1/500
Projects are only built after a detailed planning scale of 1/500

We need to clarify the concept of planning first. In Urban Planning Act 2009, the interpretation of the term (Article 3) states: “Urban planning is the organization of space, architecture, urban landscape, technical infrastructure system, social infrastructure and housing to create a suitable living environment for people living in urban areas, expressed through urban planning. “

The element that helps show the content of urban planning is the planning project. The project includes drawings, models, explanations and management regulations in accordance with urban planning (in accordance with Clause 6, Article 3). According to the regulations here, the map is a mandatory document in the planning project.

The planning includes: general planning tasks, zoning planning tasks and detailed planning tasks.

General planning is responsible for determining the nature and role of urban areas, basic requirements for research to exploit potential, development motive, development direction, urban expansion, social and technical infrastructure in urban and suburban areas (Article 23).

The re-zoning plan must determine the boundary, area and nature of the planning area, expected norms on population, land use, social infrastructure and technical infrastructure; Requirements and basic principles of functional subdivision to ensure appropriate architectural space, technical infrastructure connection with the approved general planning and surrounding areas.

The detailed plan is to limit the use of land and population; Requirements and principles on organization of architectural space, social infrastructure and technical infrastructure in the area for planning and ensuring the compatibility with the approved general planning and zoned plannings and areas around.

Traffic map of 1 / 2,000 Thu Thiem new urban area 
Traffic map of 1 / 2,000 Thu Thiem new urban area 

Each planning task will use a type of map with the appropriate proportions of the characteristics. For example, the drawings of the general planning project of a centrally run city are shown in a scale of 1 / 25,000 or 1 / 50,000 (Clause 2 of Article 25 of the Urban Planning Law). For a general planning map of a provincial city, a town is 1 / 10,000 or 1 / 25,000 (Clause 2 of Article 26) and for townships is 1 / 5,000 or 1 / 10,000 (Clause 2, Article 27). ).

Meaning of specific planning map types

1 / 5,000 scale planning map

This map is intended to identify functional areas, traffic directions, clear boundaries, land boundaries for road infrastructure, bridges, sewers, electricity, schools and residential areas. trees, trees, water …

As such, 1 / 5,000 maps will provide the basis for identifying development objectives, calling for investment as well as site clearance, compensation, migration.

1 / 2,000 scale planning map

The task is to divide and define the land use function and network infrastructure. This map will detail the content of the urban master plan.

Its purpose is to direct the planning of an urban area to manage a large area. This map does not specify the exact design of the building.

As mentioned above, the zoning plan will help to define the boundary, area and nature of the planning area, planned targets for population, land use, social infrastructure, technical infrastructure for each street block and connection of common technical infrastructure; Determining the land use function for each land plot; Principles of space organization, landscape architecture and strategic environmental assessment. At the same time, this plan also aims at determining the location of technical works and land boundaries.

This is closely related to the land use rights should have high legal value, it is the basis for dispute resolution.

Detailed construction planning map of 1/500 scale

This map is detailing every detail on the land. Technical infrastructure, detailed planning are arranged to each boundary of land lot.

It is possible to understand the 1/500 scale map is the master plan of the construction investment projects, the basis for positioning the project, basic design, engineering design and construction works. currently under construction.

So each type of map is not only different in scale but also different in content, meaning and application period. Viewers need to pay attention to distinguish between them.

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