Merging Districts And Wards: Which District Should District 4 Go To?

Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Dean of Urban Studies – University of Social Sciences and Humanities in HCMC, analyzes: If merging District 4 into District 7 is too far away, it seems unlikely. As for District 1, between District 4 and District 1 are two very different land features; District 1 is a central role, so District 1 is not good.

Merging districts

Small area, modest population but District 4 (HCMC) has administrative apparatus equal to other districts

According to Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Hoa, District 4 is also adjacent to District 8, if the emerging is too large that it may take into account the plan to re-divide the boundaries of these two districts.

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“The merger policy is reasonable to reduce the middleman, but where to enter, how to merge should be calculated as it relates to location, economy, society, religion. If there is not the feasible alternative, it may not be necessary to merge the district with another district but it is necessary to merge the ward again, so it will not be possible to maintain a giant machine in a tiny area. Ph.D. Nguyen Minh Hoa said.

Ph.D. Ngo Viet Nam Son gives a different perspective, District 4 has a potential economic, urban development is very high. But if the merger with District 1 will push up land prices in District 4, to be high and fast, so projects that need to be cleared will face many difficulties because they do not have enough money to compensate.

Secondly, District 4 does not have many valuable legacies, only a few relics, most of them can be cleared. If so, to support the urban center of Ho Chi Minh City is District 1, the land in District 4 can be planned to use half as high buildings, half as green parks, lakes to compensate for the district which is lacking trees, lakes.

So, in my opinion, it should be reasonable to merge administrative body district 4 with district 2. Bridge construction from District 4 through An Phu (District 2) is beautiful. If this M&A project is built, it should be taken into consideration carefully, then the renovation of the new urban area will be carried out on a large scale, ” Mr.Son said.

Merging districts

The bank of Saigon River in District 4 still has many flats standing next to modern buildings

Ph.d Nguyen Duc Thanh, Director of the Institute for Economic and Policy Research, Hanoi University of Economics, said: This administrative reform model was proposed by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Assembly to the National Assembly, setting up administrative offices in Ho Chi Minh City by three models: one level, two levels, and three levels. Accordingly, the central districts will carry out administrative procedures at the City People’s Committee, not through the District People’s Committee anymore. Secondly, the districts near the central district are organized on two levels as the district and the city. In the end, the districts and suburbs of the new city must be organized in three levels: ward (commune), district (prefecture) and city.

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