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Mid-range apartments in the east of Ho Chi Minh city attract customers

Perspective of HauSneo project

To be considered superior on real demand, purchasing power and liquidity, mid-range real estate continues to accelerate in terms of supply and quality. Especially with the presence of new projects inspired from European style and standards, it is expected to occupy the market as soon as being opened the sale.

Mid-range projects account for 51% of total consumption

If the high-end segment is witnessing a clear differentiation and the slowdown of purchasing power, then mid-range real estate continues to be at its peak.

According to CBRE, this segment accounts for the largest share market of total supply in the second quarter (56%), as well as achieving a positive sale speed of 4,862 units sold. It is noteworthy that the market is shifting a lot to the group of customers buying to stay, attracting a large number of customers of the localities to the new peripheral centers of HCM City, especially the East which is in the leading position, accounted for 36% of apartments opened for sale.

In addition to the market demand, the key factor dragging investors to invest in the East is the rapid development of the infrastructure such as in District 9 where is dubbed “intellectual and high tech urban area.”

Together with the leading world corporations such as Samsung, Jabil, Fulbright and Nguyen Tat Thanh University as well as technology clusters such as Saigon Silicon City which are accelerating speed, put into operation, modern infrastructure here is also completed every day, connecting through this area to Districts 1, 2, 7 and Long Thanh Airport.

Therefore, instead of cramping into crowded, expensive centers, the young tend to buy houses in this area at an affordable cost, while still fully meeting the needs and utilities of life. At the same time, this is also the opportunity for investors to boldly promote the project to catch the trend.

Optimizing functions

Although the mid-range segment is gaining momentum, most of present projects still focus on reasonable prices and modern utilities.

Experts in this segment say that it is necessary to find new directions, breakthroughs in functionality and design, meeting the buyers’ expectations and improving the quality of apartments.

This viewpoint was quickly responded with the contribution of new investors from Luxembourg, EZ Land, inspired by the famous Bauhaus design style of Europe on the first project in District 9, HausNeo.

Born in 1919 in Germany, the Bauhaus School has created the revolution which replacing all old standards in the field of architecture, spreading to Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel … and remains today. . Architects emphasize the maximum use of living space for daily needs of homeowners, minimal detail but still ensure aesthetic. This is also the creative inspiration throughout the HausNeo project.

Accordingly, modern Western feature is not only present in every corner of HausNeo, but the functions are also cared in every design. Investors focus on the optimization of living space, to serve the needs of customers, from spaces for learning, working to living, relaxing.

Along with modern design, all apartments at HausNeo can receive natural light and wind, bringing warm and comfortable atmosphere for the family’s members when coming back home. This makes the house more complete and full of love, and HausNeo is not different from what the young want to call “home”

In addition, understanding the real needs of customers, along with the strong financial strength of the investment fund, HausNeo also offers financial solutions such as just making 47% of payment until receiving the house which means that customers only pay 1%/month on the total value of the apartment.

With reasonable price together with quality , flexible payment policy, and 1-2 bedroom apartments are in the top of the high demand from mid-range buyers, the HausNeo is considered soon to become the focus of young families who intend to buy a home for the first time and even real estate investors move to develop this segment.

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