Ministry of Transport is about the ‘fate’ of Cai Lay BOT

 “Due to the difficult state budget, the BOT Cai Lay treatment plan will focus on analyzing the feasibility of options 1 and 2,” said Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong said BOT Cai Lay is a matter of concern. After reporting and guiding the Government, the Ministry of Transport has repeatedly worked with local authorities and related agencies to get opinions on the treatment plan.

Ministry of Transport is about the 'fate' of Cai Lay BOT

Ministry of Transport is about the ‘fate’ of Cai Lay BOT

Previously, the Ministry of Transport has proposed five options to handle Cai Lay station and then collect 3.

“But due to the difficult state budget, we should focus on analyzing the feasibility of the two options,” said Dong.

Specifically, option 1: keep the current station position, continue to reduce the overall price for all vehicles through the station about 30% compared to the original. At this time, group 1 vehicles (4 seats) will decrease from 25,000 dong to 15,000 dong.

Option 2: Make another station on the route to avoid and collect both stations. At that time, the station on the National Highway 1 will collect 15,000 VND / way, the station on the route avoid collecting 25,000 VND / passage for group 1 vehicles.

The advantage of this approach is that it reduces part of the user response. However, the investment cost to build new stations in the new position, about VND90 billion, the local area must allocate more space for the station.

“We are now assigned to the Vietnam Road Administration in cooperation with the owner to complete the options in the near future,” said Mr. East.

“The Ministry of Transport will collect comments and on the basis of the common opinion of the Ministry of Public Security, Tien Giang People’s Committee, but the spirit may be to put Cai Lay BOT stations in different positions on the route avoidance and the main route, and then collect the return on the basis of the initial investment plan, “- said Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong.

Earlier, in early September, the Tien Giang People’s Committee also sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport to propose two options to handle the project Cai Lay.

Option 1: Maintain existing BOT stations, reduce the maximum fee for Group 1 vehicles from VND 35,000 / visit to VND 15,000 / visit, extending the discount to neighboring areas of 10 km.

Option 2: Build one more station on the route and avoid both stations at the main and main routes. The means by which the route is to be collected and the payback of that route. The fees are both the same and as the existing fee, extending the discount to the neighboring 10 km.

Cai Lan BOT project with a total investment of 1.398 billion, the fee starts from the beginning of 8/2017 to recover the investment to renovate and enhance the road surface 26.4 km of national highway 1 through Tien Giang and the passage Cai Long commune 11.1 km, repairing 14 bridges in combination with constructing a 12.1 km long road to avoid Cai Lay town. However, the fees and location of the station is said to be the problem that caused people to react to “broken” stations and stations have to pause to collect fees so far.

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