Ministry of Transport concludes the corruption case of the Vietnam Maritime Administration

Ministry of Transport has instructed the Vietnam Maritime Bureau to organize a collective review, responsible individuals to make the shortcomings.

The Ministry of Transport has just concluded the contents of a denunciation of the company to the Vietnam Maritime Bureau, the Corporation for ensuring maritime safety in the South, organizations and individuals involved in dredging goods flow the Thi Vai River.

Ministry of Transportation said that the content of denunciation: “Vietnam Maritime Bureau has repeatedly requested the company to sign a contract for the implementation of the project volume according to Maritime Notification Survey data of the Corporation ensure the safety of navigation The southern part of the country is 26,160.9 m 3 although Danang does not agree with the volume being too low, which is 56 times lower than the figure appraised and approved. This led to the company being unable to recover its investment, resulting in economic losses, difficulties and bankruptcy. As the State loses the tax related to the project, if the volume is reduced from 905,208.03 m3 to 26,160.9 m3 with the total fee of over VND 11 billion. This “is no basis.

Over time, there have been a number of complaints related to dredging.

Over time, there have been a number of complaints related to dredging.

Cause, the volume of more than 26,160 m3 is just one overlap with Dan Thanh Company’s socialization project, not for the whole project; In fact, investors have not signed the contract, have not implemented the project. The Vietnam Maritime Administration has confirmed that there are no documents to adjust the volume of the whole project from over 905,200 m3 to over 26,160 m3.

However, the Ministry of Transport acknowledged the document of the Vietnam Maritime Bureau not to mention the volume for the socialization project that Danang Company made 10.5 km is the cause is not understood in terms of volume and execute the contract of this company.

The Southern Maritime Safety Corporation proposed a plan to dredge and modernize navigable channels on the Vung Tau-Thi Vai route in 2016-2017 with the same section as the channel was assigned to the public. Before receiving the document of the Vietnam Maritime Bureau, Dan Thanh company informed about the flow of dredging has been socialized.

Vietnam Maritime Bureau is the unit allocated budget, not the Corporation for ensuring maritime safety in the South. The planning of dredging, maintenance of the Vietnam Maritime Bureau to build the entire route Vung Tau-Thi Vai.

When the dredging budget is allocated, the Vietnam Maritime Bureau has requested not to conduct survey and construction with the state budget allocated to the Dan Company. To accomplish. In fact, in 2016-2017, overlapping sections of the river did not organize the dredging of such funds.

Specifically, the petition denounced that: “The Vietnam Maritime Bureau is against the interests of the group, backyard and signs of corruption, waste of state budget funds for the Maritime Department (Director Nguyen Xuan Sang) and Southern Maritime Safety Corporation. ”

The Ministry of Transport’s verification results show that the consultancy activities in the state management and law enforcement of maritime law strictly comply with the provisions of law.

Every year, the activities of the Vietnam Maritime Bureau are inspected, examined and audited in the conclusions without any conclusion that the Vietnam Maritime Bureau or individual of the Vietnam Maritime Administration has violated the law, the interests of the group, the waste of corruption as the content of the denunciation.

The Vietnam Maritime Administration and individual leaders of this agency have no documents guiding or favoring the Southern Maritime Safety Assurance Corporation in executing projects funded with the State budget capital or Impacts require corporations to assign tasks of the corporation to organizations, units, individuals do.

Accordingly, the conclusion of the Ministry of Transport confirmed: “Vietnam Maritime Bureau does not have any individual, staff of the Department and the Southern Marine Safety Corporation joint venture, the association established the company and the Maritime Bureau of Vietnam reported that the Department has not received any money from the Corporation for ensuring maritime safety in the South. ”

According to the Ministry of Transport, apart from advising on the overall and comprehensive study of the Cai Mep – Thi Vai canal navigation channel, Port Engineering Joint Stock Company Marine is consultant to set up the project in the plan to assign the Corporation to ensure maritime safety in the South of partnership with other companies to arrange capital and investment organization. This is not true.

The comprehensive and comprehensive study documents of the Cai Mep – Thi Vai canal navigation channel are not well documented and have not been specifically assigned to a management unit.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport has instructed the Vietnam Maritime Bureau to organize collective reviews and responsible individuals to overcome the shortcomings.

The Vietnam Maritime Administration shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Transport Infrastructure Department and concerned units in working with investors of Dan Thanh Company to review all contents related to the management and actual deployment. The project is comprehensive, objective, legal.

“If considered necessary, the Vietnam Maritime Bureau shall request an independent and prestigious consultancy unit to carry out an objective survey and reevaluation of the plan and volume of the socialization project of Dan Thanh Company … “- Ministry of Transport said.

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