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Modern 4-Level House Design Is The Focal Point Of 2017

Previously, people often think that the house is a high-rise or high-end apartment, now the design of the 4-level house in modern style is becoming the trend.

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In recent years, the 4th grade has escaped the shabby past, but is instead the image of beautiful, beautiful and modern houses and is extremely comfortable thanks to the advancement in Design and construction. Therefore, it has won the hearts of many, promising to create a trend in 2017.

The 4-level house is cheap, suitable for young couples

The most obvious is that the design of grade 4 houses is much more economical than the flat or high rise buildings due to lower foundation and foundation costs. In addition, the materials used in the construction of 4-level houses are also less and do not require high quality.

According to statistics, homeowners can own a spacious 4-level house with an amount of about 200 million (excluding furniture). Meanwhile, less than 300 million flat houses, and 600 million high-rise buildings.

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Modern 4-Storey Design Modern Style 2017
Cost saving is one of the highlights of 4-level house

So, for young couples who want to own a beautiful house of their own, with such money, the couple can accumulate between 1 to 2 years or borrow part of the burden Interest rate is not too big.

Breakthroughs in style design 4-level house

Level 4 beautiful house is no longer monotonous as before, but there have been some breakthroughs in design. Even more, families decided to choose a 4th-grade house not because of cost savings but because of its design.

Modern 4-Storey Design Modern Style 2017
A 4-level house designed in a unique and strange style

The preferred style today is to build a multi-story home or mezzanine to expand the area. Or if not, the landlord can share ideas with the architects to design their own style of home.

Modern 4-Storey Design Modern Style 2017
Beautiful 4 level home with mezzanine to expand the space

In terms of interior, although space is small design 4-level house still ensure privacy when the living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet area are arranged separately. It can be said that the fourth-level house space may be similar to the apartment building, but the homeowners feel more comfortable when they own their own house instead of living in the collective environment of a building.

Modern 4-Storey Design Modern Style 2017
It is hard to believe this is the interior space inside a 4-level house

And if you own a small plot of land, why not choose a beautiful house in your own style?

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