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More Bridges Will Be Built Connecting District 7 To The City Center

connecting District 7 to the city center

According to the HCMC Department of Transportation, the city’s People’s Council approved the investment in the Nguyen Khoai bridge project in District 7 with the center of HCMC.

As planned, Nguyen Khoai bridge across the Te canal, linking Saigon South with the center of Ho Chi Minh City will be started next year to reduce the load on the Kenh Te Bridge, while reducing traffic jams in the Saigon South.

Specifically, Nguyen Khoai bridge project has a total length of about 1km, of which length 346 m, width 22.5 m. The starting point of the project starts from D1 in Him Lam residential area in District 7; The last point is at Ben Van Don Street in District 4.

connecting District 7 to the city center
The perspective of Nguyen Khoai bridge connecting district 7 with the city center.

The project has a total investment of VND 1,250 billion, is expected to start construction in 2017 and completed after 18 months of construction. After completion, Nguyen Khoai Bridge will connect Saigon South with the downtown area, creating a further direction to the central area to reduce the load on the Kenh Te Bridge. It is currently severely congested.

Recently, the area south of Sai Gon, including District 4, District 7, District 8 and Nha Be district, has many new urban areas, the project has attracted the crowed population to the south when putting into use. While this area is being separated from the central area by the Tau Hu canal, Ben Nghe canal, Te canal, Duong canal.

connecting District 7 to the city center
A corner of Saigon South urban view from above.

Connecting the South with the central area is mainly through the Nhi Thien Duong Bridge, Y Bridge, Chanh Hung Bridge, Nguyen Van Cu Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge and Tan Thuan Bridge. But these bridges are now overloaded due to the narrow width. When the two sides are extended, the slope becomes a bottleneck, so congestion usually occurs.

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HCMC Department of Transportation said that the transport development plan up to 2020 will expand the roads linking the center to the south and build more Kenh Te 2 bridge, Nguyen Khoai bridge to connect from South area with the central area.

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