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Move The Cement Grinding Plant In Thu Duc To Build Complex Area

Move the cement grinding station in Thu Duc

Ha Tien 1 Cement Grinding Station must be relocated from Thu Duc before December 31due to inadequate planning and space for the complex.

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HCMC People’s Committee has requested Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock Company to terminate operation of Thu Duc Cement Grinding Station before December 31st and has plans to move to another location.

Ha Tien 1 Company requested the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to relocate the grinding station to Phu Huu, District 9. However, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City did not agree because the site is not in line with the Planning for development of construction materials of HCMC.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee requests Ha Tien 1 Company to look for other locations in accordance with the Vietnam Cement Industry Development Master Plan 2011-2020 and orientation to 2030. Master Plan for Development Construction of Vietnam’s construction materials up to 2020 and orientation to 2030. Planning for development of Ho Chi Minh City’s building materials up to 2020. At the same time, production activities will be terminated at Thu Duc milling station before December 31st.

Move the cement grinding station in Thu Duc
Ha Tien cement grinding station must find places to relocate before 31-12

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City assigned Thu Duc District People’s Committee, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Ho Chi Minh City Police to closely monitor the operation and relocation of Thu Duc cement grinding station, ensuring compliance with regulations and not causing environmental pollution.

Thu Duc Cement Grinding Mill has an area of 104ha, which has been relocated since 2003 but has not been implemented yet. After the relocation, the site will become the Ha Tien VICEM Complex.

Ha Tien VICEM complex is planned on two lands located along the Hanoi Highway in Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc District. In particular, the land area of 106,614sqm is the Thu Duc milling station of Ha Tien 1 and the land of 8.270sqm is the office and workshop of Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company.

Move the cement grinding station in Thu Duc

The transformation of this function is in line with the approved planning projects such as the project of adjusting the master plan for the construction of Ho Chi Minh City up to 2025, the urban design project on the axis of Hanoi Highway 1 / 2000 approved by the People’s Committee of HCMC in 2014.

The Ministry of Construction also allows Ha Tien 1 Company and Ha Tien Transport Joint-stock Company to enter into joint ventures with partners to study and prepare for investment in a complex of mixed-use residential and commercial complexes.

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