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Multifuntional Apartment At South Saigon Gate

Sunrise CityView project

As a product in the “Sunrise” series, Office-tel Sunrise Cityview Multifunction Apartment Building (front of Nguyen Huu Tho street, District 7) promises to continue to make the feat as the “eldest brother” always in the state of “sold out” – Sunrise City.

Easily connected with the “heart” of the crowded district 1 and the Southern

It is considered as the “point” connecting two most exciting areas of Ho Chi Minh City: the center of District 1 and Saigon South, Sunrise Cityview ensure maximum convenience for all needs of daily work or leisure activities. From Sunrise Cityview, it only takes 5 minutes to move to District 1 Financial Center or a few steps to reach the southern urban area of the city. It is also easily connected to Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone as well as other neighboring districts such as districts 4, district 5, district 8, Nha Be district.

Sunrise CityView project
The model of multi-purpose apartments in line with the trend of young people today.

Owing a high connectivity location, the office area at Saigon South Gate is now the land of “business” for enterprises operating in the field of e-commerce and logistics; law consultancy office, study abroad consultancy; startup group… This area also gathers high-class entertainment utilities of both Saigon South and District 1 centers. Plus, with modern conveniences in the area (swimming pool, gym, BBQ area …), Office-tel Sunrise Cityview is a perfect place for business and entertainment.

Trendy apartment “mix” office line

Sunrise Cityview – apartment – office complex has a beautiful location at the center of the route of Nguyen Huu Tho street in district 7. Inheriting the value of outstanding building quality, associated with the quality of the “Sunrise,” the apartments at Sunrise Cityview have been absorbed more than 90%. That’s why the Office-tel Sunrise Cityview multi-functional apartment line offers the ultimate choice for customers and investors who want to “take a seat”, especially for young people who love to live actively and have a passion with business… at Saigon South Gate.

Sunrise CityView project
Officetel Sunrise Cityview apartments are open to the final choice for customers

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The opportunity is getting bigger at the end of the year when Office-tel Sunrise Cityview price is only from 1.45 billion, pay 45% to receive the house, of which the first payment 20% (about 290 million), the remaining payment of 1% / month, interest rate 0%… Along with that, furniture gifts worth up to 60 million will be a “Settle to grow” gift to young businesses.

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