My Wife And I Stayed At A Luxury House With The Price Of VND 500 Million

Thanks to a balance of income, the couple Hong Thuy bought a house in the outskirts of Saigon with a savings of VND500 million. In addition, they are now living in a house near the center of Saigon with the conditions of living free. Here is my sister’s share:

My family has two spouses, two children, and grandparents, ie six. At that time we have 500 million and dream of owning a house in Saigon after many years living here. We stand before three options:

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– A has everything we dream, safe, beautiful, security … but we do not have many billion to buy.

– We can buy B apartments if we use all the savings of VND 500 million (30%), VND one billion bank loan, VND20 million / month. The apartment is near the center but too small, 6 people crammed together probably stressed, grandparents are not used to taking the elevator. Considering the financial burden and space are burdensome and burdensome.

luxury house with the price of VND 500 million

Unit C in the suburbs, travel difficulties, a little inconvenience but the price matched the money we have.

Finally, we decided to buy the C so we had an asset. After buying this apartment, we immediately rent out for an extra income. We compensate for more money, rent house A for VND12 million / month (still cheaper than bank installments if you buy unit B). Here, grandparents have daily strolled, children can ride bicycles to school, living environment free.

You may think that this is not a saving, even a waste, but my wife and I think of it as follows: Buying a house C is like fulfilling the dream of owning a home, under financial pressure. Renting a house of VND12 million is quite high, but my husband says it’s a good idea to buy a home, buy living conditions, buy living environment.

Rather than tightening our belts to own a big house, we choose to enjoy it now, as it fits the needs of the whole family.

When I was in this big house, to avoid the expense of essential necessities being inflated, I adjusted my spending plan by cutting back on the enjoyment activities. The family’s leisure activities moved to the park near the house, also fun. The couple did not hide from me to go to the cinema anymore, but we walked in the evening, so we have this chat room. My husband tried to limit diplomacy, and if possible, dragged the brothers to contribute money, to drink. If my husband, I go to the market also reduced the money.

In order to save electricity, we only use air conditioners on the first floor – the living room, which is too hot when the family migrate to sleep there and open air conditioning. In addition, I bought two fans and made the most of the window (mosquito doors). The house also has only one TV set and one set in the living room. At my house, the children watch TV by the time allowed, the channels of knowledge such as Discovery, Travel … and a number of channels have other interesting options.

luxury house with the price of VND 500 million

At home, my television, locomotive, refrigerator sales are down 80% by husband and wife last year.

 When I started my home-based business, I also went for lovers and blenders.

I also have to add, living in a favorable space has helped me and my husband improve significantly. At some months, I talked with my husband, I took leave of company, received home-made paperwork. Instead of cooking the whole family for 6 people, I expanded my sales of breakfast, office lunches, fruit juice, pastries … Then I renovated the living room to open a small pharmacy VND100 millions).

One day like that, running over running back home, selling, caring grandparents, my income is enough to pay for electricity, water markets for the whole family. Calculates higher income than work. I also have two children to clean up, sweep the house, wash the dishes, two children also enjoy the profit after the mother deducted all costs, so work is very responsible. Grandma exclaimed that the salted melon was delicious. All thanks to the family work and home location, reducing the burden of rent. Recently my husband has approved me a hiring a child for a very simple reason: saving time and health is more important than saving money.

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