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Nam Cuong group to cover green 200 hectares of the urban area

Nam Cuong group to cover green 200 hectares of the urban area

With determination to develop the first Zero-Energy Township in Vietnam, Nam Cuong Group is promoting activities to green Duong Noi urban area of ​​nearly 200 hectares by planting more than 2,000 green trees.

According to the International Finance Corporation of World Bank (WB), the construction demand of developing countries grow rapidly yearly. It is expected that by 2030, more than 50% of newly constructed works will be concentrated in Asia.

With the current rapid urbanization rate, it is expected that by 2025 Vietnam will have 1,000 urban areas. This also leads to many consequences which adversely affect the ecological environment.

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Understanding these potential risks, with the role of an investors and real estate developers pioneering in the creation of the first Zero-Energy urban area in Vietnam, Nam Cuong Group always put the human factor and sustainable development to be the consistent indicator.

Therefore, Nam Cuong Group has set the goal that from now until 2020, all the works of the Group are obtained international green certificate, with the orientation to develop zero- energy urban areas, friendly to environment.

Continuing the series of practical activities towards the above goal, there have more than 2,000 trees planted in nearly 200ha of Duong Noi urban area. Most of them are shade trees with many species ranging from Lagerstroemia, guava, Poinciana, Chukrasia tabularis, sandalwood … turning this place into a giant green “lungs” in the southwest of Hanoi.

Living in AnLand Complex, An Phu Shop-villa, An Khang Villa in Duong Noi Urban area, it is not only convenient for residents to move on the spacious internal roads, major roads of To Huu, Le Van Luong with modern infrastructure but residents can also enjoy a peaceful and fresh living environment.

The creation of living environment with emphasis on green trees will create stretching green patch harmonizing with the architectural and natural landscape, as well as contribute to make the works in urban areas become prominent.

In addition, the community space forms in Duong Noi Urban created by the design – architecture create impressive works such as the 12ha Astronomy Park , 2000m2 of Childhood Garden, Music Lake Park …

Among the projects developed and being implementing of Nam Cuong Group, Duong Noi Urban Area is seen as a typical model for planning, sustainable urban development through construction and development of green buildings meeting international green certificate, cooperation with reputable partners domestically and abroad; organizing workshop sharing experience on building green works …

After the success of the international workshop “Developing the first Zero- Energy Urban Area in Vietnam” (on March 2017); cooperation for green works with prestigious international organizations such as IFC (of World Bank Group), Slavia Capital International Investment Group, Panasonic, Italian Landscape Development Company (EGO Group) and recently the investment of planting thousands of trees in Duong Noi urban area, Nam Cuong Group has laid  the first foundation for the construction of sustainable green urban area, bringing a life close to nature.

These efforts are proved by specific achievements such as: In April and June of 2017, Anland has become the first work of the Group achieved green certificates EDGE of International Finance Corporation and among one of 16 works selected to exhibit in energy saving projects in Vietnam by Management Board of the project of improving energy efficiency in Commercial Buildings – High Buildings under the Ministry of Construction.

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