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Nam Long Corporation Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Nam Long Group (NLG) celebrated

On November 24, at the GEM Center, Nam Long Group (NLG) celebrated its 25th anniversary with the theme “Integration – Development”.

Nam Long is one of the brands associated with the ups and downs of the real estate market in Vietnam from the beginning to now. Nam Long Construction Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 with the initial capital of VND 700 million; so far the total assets of Nam Long have reached VND 7,800 billion.

The group owns more than 500ha of a land fund and a portfolio of valued international investors: After IFC (Worldbank), Mekong Capital, ASPL, Nam Viet Ltd. (Goldman Sachs)… At present, Nam Long is receiving great support from foreign strategic shareholders such as Ibeworth (Keppel Land Group), PYN (European Investment Fund)… At the project level, Nam Long also has strong relationships with leading companies such as Hankyu Realty and Nishi Nippon Railroad (Japan).

Nam Long Group (NLG) celebrated
The partners of Nam Long Group commemorate the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Group.

Nam Long has completed 8 urban projects, supplying more than 15,000 products from villas, townhouses to offices for lease and forming three strategic product lines: EHome, Flora and Valora. In addition to the well-known “reasonable” products that account for 15% of the “affordable” housing market in Ho Chi Minh City, the company also has high-end projects such as Nam Phu Villas, Thao Nguyen Saigon Villas, Nam Thong commercial area, Valora Fuji Villas, Valora Kikyo…

Nam Long is still developing and finishing large-scale projects such as Hoang Nam (8.5ha); Mizuki Park (26ha); Phu Huong (17.5ha), Phuoc Long B (15.9ha), Waterpoint (Long An) 355ha. These are the projects that have added the contribution of international organizations and are expected to leave a mark on the not only domestic real estate market. In the next 3 years, Nam Long is expected to launch 17,000 products in the EHome, Flora, Valora and three large-scale urban areas.

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