What you need to know when to visit Cham Islands

Although Cham islands is still considered as a jade island, Cham islands has been an extremely attractive destination for many domestic and foreign visitors to Hoi An.

How do you come to Cham islands?

Previously, from the Great Gate (Hoi An Town, Quang Nam) guests want to Cham islands, tourists take up to 3 hours “floating market” on the sea. But now, just about 20 minutes by speed boat are tourists can set foot on this beautiful island.

Cham islands

Cham islands – a historical cultural relic associated with the development of the commercial port of Hoi An

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Just about 25 nautical miles (10 km) from Hoi An, Cham islands is about 15sq km , with approximately 2,900 people, living as isolation from the mainland. Perhaps because of such a scene, the people here still retain the gentle, pure and slightly wild color, making visitors have the desire to discover.

Energetically discover new things at Cham islands

To Cham islands you should go by speedboat. Take a speed boat is a new program that Hoi An Beach Resort has been in operation. When using this service, visitors will no longer have the feeling of “floating” nausea waves during the same process as the boat used to go to the island before, thereby also limited the danger of thunderstorms abnormalities, sudden and rapidly flowing sea currents in this sea. Instead, moving by speedboat, you will still have a healthy intact to be ready to continue to “explore” interesting …

In terms of geography, Cham islands is an area of ​​great ecological diversity. Here there are precious marine species, colorful coral reefs that have been preserved in the best conditions to make Cham islands one of the ideal destination who love  wildness of nature.

Cham Islands

Fly on the boat, watching the beautiful islands

Beach stripes with long white sand, clear blue water that can see down the bottom is the specialty of this place.

The whole island has seven beaches stretching from the Northwest to the Southeast

The island’s vegetation system is diverse with many green trees surrounding the Long island, Yen island, Lao island, Hon Chong … Especially, visitors here can feel and participate in the. activities of living, living with the rustic lifestyle, the quality of the island people.

The ideal schedule for your trip.

The tour will start at 8am, starting at the Great Gate, the destination will be Bam Beach – one of the unspoilt beaches, bare white sand, trees and Cloudy sky, like a small oasis.

Leaving Boi beach, visitors will board the boat continue to the beach, then Lang beach. This is the residence of most of the inhabitants of the island. The majority of fishermen are black skin because of the sun and sea breeze, the nature of learning “eat loud” but extremely happy, very hospitable, they will heartily introduce you to the secrets of a bird nest and nest – high-end specialty of this region. You also have the opportunity to observe and learn about lobster fishing in this place. Not only that, in the coming time, you will be the person who can directly explore the coral world in Cham islands sea, Hoi An Tourism Services Company is promoting diving services for tourists. and will be completed this year.


Beaches – famous beaches in Cham islands

On the island what?

On the island there are interesting sights such as boat locks – a fairly large lake, it was cleared by the people to help boats can hide when the rain storm; Or visit the Tibetan temple – where there are more than 100 years of history … Bai Ong, visitors can also immerse themselves in a very exciting atmosphere, be challenged with such attractive games as banana boat, surfing, parachute flying, water motor.

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Many visitors from Hanoi commented, “Come to Cham islands to enjoy a fresh climate, to be in harmony with the innocent life of the fishermen on the island can not be abandoned. Games that have the feeling of improvisation, strong like the “nature” of this beautiful island. “Stop worrying and enjoy life” is the mood that a tourist get when participating in the tour to the island by speedboat.

Snorkeling at Coral Island in Cham islands

Snorkeling at Coral Island in Cham islands

Cham islands is also an area recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. The Cu Lao Cham tourist site has attracted a lot of visitors recently due to its pristine beauty, and tourist services are stable.

If you have the opportunity to go to central Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, you also do not forget to arrange a day to Cham islands!

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