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Need To Understand The True Value Of Green Building

the 9 view apartment

Understanding the needs of customers, many projects have “labeled” green building, but in fact no one understands its value.

There are currently 7 green certification schemes. Basically, the green building certification system is similar in the main categories of assessment, including: management; the quality of the indoor environment; energy use; infrastructure and means of transport in the area; use water; use construction materials; land use and ecosystem; a level of environmental pollution.

green building
Hanging 2,000 m2 of Mulberry Lane project

With the urgent need for climate change, the most energy-focused criteria are energy efficiency, renewable energy production, technology and lighting planning, the transportation system in the works. In this group, the Green Mark system took the lead when it accounted for 64%, LOTUS 28% and LEED 25%, while in the Three Star system (China) only 16% …

Currently Green Mark’s system in Singapore owns more energy requirements, in accordance with humid tropical climate, so the system was popular in Vietnam from 10 years ago, but so far the number of the certification in this country is only counted on the finger, with most of the projects being investors from Singapore, a relatively common country for green buildings.

Explaining the very few green buildings in our country, one expert said that due to the requirements for certification is quite strict, the initial investment costs increase compared to normal works, so the investors often “borrow” the green building to raise the price, but very few real estate projects certified green.

green building
The Mulberry Lane’s massage pathway area is also covered in blue

Accordingly, the cost of building green buildings is more expensive than the construction of other high-rise buildings at least 10-30%. This cost often comes from the land fund must be large to have low building density, materials must be environmentally friendly …

More specifically, to achieve the BCA Green Mark of the Singapore Ministry of Construction, newly built buildings must have an EE rating of 79/140 and meet the criteria for energy efficiency in using water, project management and development, environmental quality within buildings, environmental protection, etc. In addition, it is an innovative concept in design and construction.

Very effective from green building

Prior to this fact, Do Ngoc Diep – green building expert of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) said that despite the initial investment costs increase, but green buildings save long-term low maintenance, operation and maintenance costs; quick payback; transaction fee is lower; reduced area; reduce downtime …

As revealed by an investor, construction works of such standard as Green Mark are very effective thanks to modern green building technology that saves at least 23% energy use and 48% of water use cost …

Not only saving energy for the country, green buildings also cost the project, especially the beneficiaries are the residents. Specifically, if you own green buildings properly, homeowners can save 20-40% of operating costs per month thanks to intelligent design, environmentally friendly and well-calculated operating procedures.

green building
The landscape of the pool area of the Mulberry Lane project is laid out as a resort style resort

In addition to the cost savings in using time, to break the “barrier” of the cost of apartments in green projects, some investors also have extremely flexible payment programs, help It is easy to own a green certified building.

Ms. Do Hoang Quyen – a resident of Mulberry Lane, Ha Dong District, the first project in Hanoi BCA certified Green Mark shared: “Although only paid 30% but I was received home immediately, 70% remaining interest will be deferred without any financial proof.

On the occasion of the Women’s Day, from October 2 to October 22, the CapitaLand-HOANG THANH investor of this project also launched a program called “Women are to love, Mulberry Lane is to donate”.

Accordingly, customers have the opportunity to own the same price, only pay 30% can receive housing; interest rate subsidy 0% to 13 months and chance to win value jewelry.

>>>Update on new information on the real estate law in Vietnam, here: Vietnam real estate law

The investor will also hold a gratitude event for customers attending the show on October 22 at the Mulberry Lane sales office in Mo Lao new urban area (Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi).

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