Needing 1 Million Apartments For Low-Income People

These are issues raised at the national online meeting on social housing, housing for workers on 7-12.

At this meeting, Prime Minister  Mr.Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired and asked local leaders to consider investing in social housing as the investment for development.

Apartment for low income people

A social housing in the urban area of Linh Dam (Hanoi)

Must settle for workers

Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha said that as of November 20, the country has completed the construction of 179 social housing projects in urban areas and industrial parks (equivalent to 71,150 apartments) compared with the target, only about 28%.

Mr. Ha affirmed that although it is a big policy, some localities have not clearly defined the land fund for developing commercial housing projects to the social housing

However, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Quoc Hung said straight: regulations on commercial housing projects on 10ha have to spend 20% of the land fund to build the … is very difficult to implement.

“Proposals may be levied on 20% of the land in projects to invest in concentrated zonal areas. It is necessary to study the establishment of investment funds to support the project of social psychology, study the sample of how to ensure quality and reasonable price “- said Mr. Hung.

HCM City Vice Chairman Le Van Khoa also suggested that the Government instruct the Social Policy Bank to step up lending to those who are eligible to buy social housing.

Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam said that if not now focus on housing for workers in industrial zones, the consequences in the future will be very large, like the environmental problem.

Mr. Dam said that the industrial zones have about 2.6 million workers, most of the workers are difficult housing, have to leave the incense. The country wants to develop sustainably, workers must be settled, built families raised children, attached to the workplace.

If the employer takes advantage of the best time of the workers, then they have to return to live in the future is unstable.

“We have to spend the proper budget to invest in this area,” Mr.Dam proposed.

Apartment for low income people

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc directed that investments in social housing be the investment for development and that the Government will have an instruction on this issue. In picture: dinner of a family in the social housing on To Hien Thanh, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC

There will be an instruction on the implementation of housing policy

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed the right of people to live in the Constitutional Court, demanding that development of social welfare be the investment for development.

However, “development of social responsibility is the responsibility of the State, society, and people, not only the State because the State can not subsidize housing,” – said the Prime Minister.

The PM also expressed concern about the rate of workers in industrialized homes that are too low, especially with 1.5 million people without housing.

The Ministry of Construction also cited the demand for affordable housing for urban residents up to 1 million apartments in 2020, equivalent to about 50 million/ sqm.

Prior to the above reports, the Prime Minister noted that localities need many ways to build housing for workers in the direction of “housing for low-income people but the quality is not low.”

The PM urged homeowners to work for workers and industrial park investors to invest in the housing fund for workers. Workers themselves and their families also need to save, strive to get housing for themselves.

Affirmed budget to spend part of the support, after this meeting the Prime Minister will issue a directive on the implementation of social policy. In the immediate future, the Prime Minister requested ministries to study and amend policies, especially policies on land, capital, administrative procedures …

The Prime Minister noted that the implementation of the policy of success depends on the determination of the leaders of the provinces, cities: “People’s Committees of provinces and cities must consider the development of social welfare, especially housing for workers, is the task Focus, need specific plans and solutions to implement “.

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