New design ideas in SaiGon Sports City apartment

The apartments in district 2 are currently making a rainy wind on the real estate market today with the attraction non-stop, requires the owner to have different ideas to occupy the hearts of consumers at first sight. And Saigon Sports City is one of the projects that created the explosion.

The market is warming up when SaiGon Sports City’s project information is officially launched with the golden time and potential project advantages are attracting much attention of investors.

Who is the project owner of Saigon Sports City?

The Saigon Sports City project by Keppel Land Group (Singapore) and Chiap Hua (Hong Kong) alliance.

Keppel is a multinational investment corporation, headquartered in Singapore and China’s lion island and is developing in many markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, .. This is not only business well known in the field of real estate but also a formidable competitor of a series of other companies in the fields such as infrastructure, oil and gas and seaports.

Having more than 20 years as a partner in the real estate market in Vietnam, Kepel has contributed to building a home as well as a workplace for millions of Vietnamese. Evidence is the success of the most advanced projects stretching from north to south: Sedona Suites Royal Park and Vietcombank Tower in Hanoi; Saigon Center, Riviera Cove, and The Estella, Palm City, PetroVietnam Building in Vung Tau, …

Keppel Land always fulfills its goals and mission, deserves credit for its prestige and quality, assures progress and silver, puts all its enthusiasm into projects and they have achieved many prestigious awards.

Although there are not many outstanding projects in Vietnam. However, they always try with all their ambition and prestige in each project. That are clearly expressed by each project that this group participated in construction in the past.

Investors are honored when Saigon Sports City is the largest complex project in Ho Chi Minh City. With a smart vision of creative thinking, they have created a “super beautiful product” on the market District 2.Realestatevietnam  found that this is Great project for residents to choose from.

Saigon Sport City project

Saigon Sport City project

New design ideas in SaiGon Sports City apartment

The Saigon Sports City project is a “very special” project, so the idea of ​​creating it must be very special. An architectural masterpiece that became the symbol of District 1 is the target that SaiGon Sports City is aiming for.

Own a land area of ​​640,000 sqm – a rare number in District 2.

Next to the Rach Chiec Sports Center project, which will bring together millions of athletes and audiences from many countries in the region to attend Sea Game 31 in 2021.

+ There is a natural fresh air thanks to 2 rivers Rach Chiec and Da Nang winding around the cut landscape into two beautiful land.

+ There is a frontage traffic route – Song Hanh route (Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway), close to An Phu traffic, Ha Noi highway, Mai Chi Tho, Do Xuan Hop … help to shorten the time moving to commercial centers as well as downtown and neighboring provinces.

+ Neighboring adjacent to the crowded urban areas such as Him Lam urban area, Thu Thiem urban area, Sala urban area, …

Saigon Sports City project

Saigon Sports City project

Recognizing the potential development of the project, the Kepel Group and Chiap Hua have outlined a bold design concept. It is because the Muong Kinh River divides the project into two areas in the north and south, so the idea of ​​building a “super-product” that combines both exciting sports activities and can settle without  disturbed or noisy, that is:

Area 1 (north): will build a complex of physical training and sport activities, training centers, stadiums and gifted and talented training centers.

260,000 sqm. You can imagine the number of stadiums with capacity of over 10,000 people, tennis courts of 2,000 people (9 courses), swimming pools for children, bridges, … capacity of 2,000 people. All of them are focused on each dimension, ensuring Olympic standards.

Area 2 (south): will build a complex of resorts with five-star hotels, high-grade apartments, offices, convention and exhibition centers, commercial centers, medical centers and hospitals. with capacity of 12,000 people.

Saigon Sports City owns 70,000 square meters of investment for the green and landscape of the park to ensure a cool, natural, but harmonious, bring about.

feeling relaxed for all residents. On the other hand, the spillway pool, nursing area, children’s play area and a range of other amenities are invested thoroughly, quality.

At present, the project has average selling price for luxury apartments – from 45-50 million m2. The project will be implemented in two phases starting from Q4 / 2017 and expected to launch with customers in early 2018.

SaiGon Sports City project planning data

Construction density: 25%

Total number of apartments:> 3000 units

Meet the demand for: 12,000 residents

Tower height: 30 floors maximum

Implemented by: Keppel Land (Singapore) and Chiap Hua (Hong Kong)

Project phase: implemented in 2 phases.

Estimated capital: the first phase is $130 million

Above is some of our share about SaiGon Sports City project hope to help you in finding out information project.

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