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Ngoc Island Phu Quoc – paradise for real estate take off

Phu Quoc

Tourism is the basis for Phu Quoc real estate projects

Phu Quoc’s own advantage has made the real estate market stand out. And bring the unexpected experience to customers.

Phu Quoc Island is the ideal destination for visitors to enjoy a private vacation. Enjoy the nature of the forest and the sea, … Besides experience the best service.

Knowing that, the real estate agencies have gathered here to launch the apartment, apartment with unique design and luxury.

attraction of coastal condotel in phu quoc
The projects with unique design, luxurious aesthetic is very attractive to customers

Comprehensive infrastructure in Phu Quoc is gaining momentum in the real estate sector.

Many big investors have been pouring into Phu Quoc Island as the real estate market is now hotter than ever. Since then, land prices in Phu Quoc are rising suddenly and there are many unpredictable changes.

In the past time, with many policies dedicated to traffic and infrastructure. The jade island has become increasingly attractive to both tourists and investors.

Phu Quoc
Infrastructure is a lever for the housing market to be more active, especially in the ground segment

Being in the urban development strategy of the country, Phu Quoc plays a very important role in promoting sustainable development. Towards the goal of building the largest island district in Vietnam to become a special administrative-economic center.

Experts said that when the completed infrastructure will create opportunities for real estate projects to increase value. The ownership of land in Phu Quoc Island at the present time is considered in the good time.

As there are now many favorable conditions, the breakthrough mechanism will generate great profits in the short term. High liquidity in the ground and important investment channels, the legal projects clear and transparent to reassure customers and the world.

Phu Quoc Island – great potential for development of resort property.

Phu Quoc attracts a large number of tourists each year. And is emerging as a bright spot in attracting investment capital over time. This island has a lot of potential to develop resort property.

Specifically, Phu Quoc is not only developed by nature. But also by government incentives and planning to develop into special administrative and economic zones.

the market in Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc will become one of the 3 special economic – economic zones with specific policies of our country

The tourism market in Phu Quoc is considered to have great potential for development in Vietnam. Because the island is blessed with many beautiful scenery and many famous tourist attractions.

There are endless blue and green beaches that not only attract tourists. It also contains countless interesting things, impressive is waiting for the discovery.

Therefore, tourists come to Ngoc island not just for relaxation. But also to experience life, close to nature away from the noisy, casual flush.

There are elements of location plus natural beauty to create a pearl island.

With a series of real estate projects attractive visitors. Phu Quoc is gradually becoming the ideal destination for the most wonderful holiday.

In addition, since the project has become a special economic zone, Phu Quoc has many special incentives. As the airport tax exemption, corporate income tax reduction is reduced to 10%, 50% reduction in personal income tax. Especially visa exemption for international visitors to Phu Quoc.

Besides, the airport system is poured large capital investment to build, upgrade, roads are focused on finishing and expansion. With the capital of VND 5,800 billion, the international seaport is invested with the capital of nearly VND 2,000 billion.

All of this has brought comfort, mobility and easy access to this popular tourist island. It can be said, Phu Quoc is taking steps to rank comparable to other famous tourist destinations in the world.

view Phu Quoc
In the coming time, Phu Quoc Resort will be in the heart of the wise investors.

A smart real estate investor can not ignore investment opportunities in Phu Quoc at this time.

There is no denying the current trend of world-class real estate, famous people must own the villas located in the resort on the beautiful island all over the world and certainly Phu The country has complete infrastructure system: airport, golf course, internal road, casino opening … Typical golf course is 27 holes First international standard and facing the sea.

Every day Phu Quoc airport operates and receives 50 domestic and international flights, welcoming 2-3 million visitors per year. Phu Quoc is becoming the favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists.

By 2020 Phu Quoc is planned to be a special economic zone of Vietnam, when the tourism industry will develop as the storm dragged real estate development.

So right now, let’s take the opportunity to invest in Phu Quoc real estate, it is the opportunity to welcome the trend of the world.

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