Nine Reasons Binh Duong Makes Apartment Of VND 100 Million

Having to survey and researching the apartment model of VND 100 million in Binh Duong 3 years ago, the general director of Viet An Hoa Company – Tran Khanh Quang said that this ultra-cheap apartment has converted almost all best conditions to save, cut costs. Mr. Quang said there are many favorable factors to support the investor is Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (Becamex) to make this super cheap apartment.

Urban land fund in Binh Duong is plentiful and cheap: Three years ago, the price of residential land ready to build houses in this province was commonly VND 2 million per square meter. This is the most favorable condition for a housing project. Because of the total investment cost of condominiums in big cities, the cost of land accounts for 35-40%.

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Binh Duong is a new urban, synchronous infrastructure: apartment project with the price of VND 100 million in Binh Duong is located in Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park. It has been well planned and invested in infrastructure. This synchronization makes the construction process convenient, saving time and money, especially when connecting the technical infrastructure.

Binh Duong social housing

The house is priced at 100 million dongs each in Binh Duong

Time to launch the convenient project: Becamex plans and builds VND100 million apartment project in 2013-2014, in 2015 it is inaugurated and handed over the first phase, then build the next phase. In 2013 the real estate market has not shown signs of prosperity, almost all provinces across the country are supporting the business to make the cheap house, social house. The starting line of the VND 100 million apartment project is considered to be the vintage of circumstances – vantage of the location.

Closed investment process: Becamex has built a VND 100 million apartment which has based on a system of subsidiaries with all supporting industries from the land preparation company, the production of materials to the design company. , building, finishing the project.This is a favorable condition of human vantage. The profitability of social housing in this project, according to regulations, is not more than 10%, but in return, the subsidiaries are still able to feed themselves thanks to the revenue and profit from the production and supply of construction materials. right…

Mass Production: The 100sqm apartments are built with the same modular architecture (home module), which means the same building and mass production. Each apartment from the first floor to the fourth floor is 5m in width and 4m in length. Corridor, common path between two apartments is 1.4m. The ground floor apartment is 5m in width and 9.4m in length. This modular construction saves time and money by not having to deal with too many steps, no cost of design. If it is calculated on average, the construction cost per square meter of this apartment is about VND 4 million.

There is flexibility in selling price: In this apartment with the price of VND100 million, there is the variety of types and prices. Specifically, the ground floor apartments have the same area but selling price is 4-5 times, about VND 400-500 million a unit. In addition, the project also has more types of apartments priced at VND 150 million for buyers to choose.

Do not build high floors: Apartments under 10 floors usually do not invest in elevators which save a lot of costs for construction and installation of machinery. The apartment project with the price of VND 100 million is built on less than 6 floors, which is part of the cost saving project.

Strongly supported by Binh Duong Province about the legal procedures in the process of constructing a VND 100 million apartment project. On the other hand, the project will also be reduced land use fees, value added tax and corporate income tax. In addition, the buyer of the VND 100 million apartment has also chosen a form of installment payment.

Binh Duong “overpass” to accept the apartment model of 20-30 sqm: This is also considered to be a province with an open viewpoint when accepting this model of the apartment complex, while Ho Chi Minh still has many concerns. The typical apartment has a floor area of 20sqm, a mezzanine of 10sqm – although it is modest the apartment is scientifically designed, with windows for natural light and wind so that it still meets the needs of the residents.

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