Notes when trading real estate through intermediaries

Real estate sales are hot in the current time due to high profitability. However, investors also need to be careful if the real estate transaction is done through an intermediary.

The principle of buying a house

In investing in real estate, it is important to choose good location and high profit potential in the future. Be alert and pay attention to the real estate products are in favorable position, the infrastructure is relatively stable. According to experience of experts, the position of real estate with good liquidity is usually located in the center not more than 10km. In this distance, the ability to find customers with real buying demand will be higher.

The good value properties are usually about 10km from the central location

The good value properties are usually about 10km from the central location

It is important to understand and understand the market value in order to avoid misleading, to determine how much to invest, if the loan is safe, how much? If you have idle cash flow is quite light but case You have to “borrow”, you need to calculate carefully so that the loan does not affect and put pressure on life. The safe rate of borrowing is no more than 50% of the value of the property being invested.

Be wary of channel brokerage freedom

Borrowing real estate investment

If you want to borrow for investment, the loan should not exceed 50% of the value of the property

Freelance brokers usually do not have access to the homeowners themselves, but through many brokerage brokers. They even see an online message, then find themselves to do brokerage work. Therefore, to avoid the risk, you should look to the professional brokerage, reputable and licensed to operate. For large projects, you should work directly with the investor’s distribution unit. Be aware they are under the management of the unit, at any trading platform. It is necessary to thoroughly check the legal information floor, operating conditions of real estate trading floor.

Verify information of brokers

When buying and selling real estate with brokers, the buyer, after requesting the broker, to provide information about the legal record of the product, should go to the place to verify and find out information

You also need to ask the question as to why the owner wants to sell the product. Will there be any projects in the near future? … In fact, many brokers are not aware of the information and policies of the products they introduce. They can give inaccurate information, even not honest about that product, hit the psychology of buyers like cheap, beautiful … and false advertising.

Clarification of the procedures, costs involved

Costs are very important in the sale of real estate through intermediaries. Therefore, careful consideration, careful reading and verification of documents, records of projects as well as expenses before deposit, transaction …

Need to clarify the charges before deposit or transaction

Need to clarify the charges before deposit or transaction

In addition, the law is a very important factor that buyers need to check carefully before buying, including a valid red book (should refer to information from the cadastral authority to confirm this). Whether the land, the house is in dispute, whether it is in the planning or not or tax arrears … With regard to administrative procedures, if you are not knowledgeable about the law should find a lawyer get legal advice on the transaction.

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