Novaland is into the Top 50 the most effective Companies Vietnam

Novaland Corporation has been listed on the list of Top 50 most efficient business enterprises in Vietnam, voted by TVS Securities Company and Nhip Cau Chau Magazine. This is a sign of Novaland’s effort, especially after the company’s listing (late 2016).

Mr. Bui Xuan Huy, General Director of Novaland received the Top 50 Most Effective Business Companies in Vietnam.

Mr. Bui Xuan Huy, General Director of Novaland received the Top 50 Most Effective Business Companies in Vietnam.

Exceeds the criteria

The selection was based on the market capitalization, net income, net profit for the last three years, ROE (return on equity), ROI (return on equity) and ratings. Novaland is one of the brightest faces when capitalized on $ 2.7 billion, with an average ROE of 17.6%.

In particular, in the period 2014-2017, Novaland achieved an average net revenue growth of 61%, from VND2,802 billion (in 2014) to VND11,632 billion (2017). Novaland’s after tax profit doubled 178% from VND96 billion to VND2,062 billion.

According to Vu Huu Dien, Investment Director of Dragon Capital: “Novaland has a large land fund, located in favorable locations in big cities, especially in the city. HCM. In addition, Novaland is also a large capital company, highly valued in the selection of projects, product segmentation, knowledge of customer tastes, able to complete legal procedures, ability project management, good sales … All of this creates outstanding competitiveness for Novaland. “

In fact, over the past three years, Novaland has continually expanded its land fund through continuous M & A deals. According to Novaland’s annual report, by the end of 2017, the company owns 7.1 million sqm of land. In particular, the land fund in Ho Chi Minh City occupies over 6.2 million sqm, mainly in the East (District 2, District 9). This is the Government sector that has the policy of continuing to invest in infrastructure and urban development and is the strategic destination of most of the real estate developers in the country. Novaland has been and will invest here.

Currently, Novaland has deployed more than 25 of the portfolio of more than 40 projects (including land funds) of the Group. This will be the basis for Novaland to have both stable revenue and strong development advantages in the next 7-10 years. The confidence of Novaland is that the company’s projects have a 90% uptake rate after about 18 months of market introduction.

Novaland Corporation was honored Top billion dollar business on the stock market.

Novaland Corporation was honored Top billion dollar business on the stock market.

According to a report from CBRE, mid-market products accounted for 64% of new supply in the past year, up 14 percentage points from 2016. Prices offered for this segment also posted the strongest increase, 5 % while the average increase was only 3%.

In the period 2018-2020, CBRE forecasts, the number and price of apartments in the mid-end segment is expected to increase slightly. For these reasons, Novaland said it would spend 80% of its resources investing in residential real estate in large urban areas. HCM.

Immediately in 2018, Novaland pursues a revenue target of approximately $ 1 billion, growing 87% over the same period last year, and after-tax profit of Novaland is estimated at VND3,200 billion, up 55%.

To accomplish these goals, Novaland expects to deliver 11 projects with 6,500 products. Also this year, the Group is expected to announce three new projects. From then, 2018-2019, Novaland estimates its unrecognized revenue will reach over $ 2 billion.

Novaland’s strategy in the future is to continue M & A units with projects in prime locations and complete legal. In particular, Novaland representative said the company will pay attention to selective investment in resort real estate in the provinces with favorable tourism, along the coast or in special economic zones such as Da Nang – Hoi An, Nha Trang – Cam Ranh, Da Lat, Binh Thuan – Phan Thiet, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Can Tho …

In short, Novaland has embarked with Adrian Zecha, legendary travel industry, also the founder of the brand Aman hotel, Azerai world famous, to jointly deploy and operate luxury resort Azerai Can Tho . In early June, the project officially opened, marking the step of Novaland in the field of resort real estate.

Stock outlook

victoria village

Victoria Village (Thanh My Loi, District 2) was introduced by Novaland in April 2018 and was hosted by hundreds of customers.

Up to now, NVL shares have attracted a lot of successes in the VN30, Top 10 stocks representing the MSCI Vietnam Index, the MSCI Vietnam Stock Index, the MVCI Vietnam Index, V.N.M ETF.

In particular, Novaland has completed successfully mobilizing $ 310 million in international markets. This is the largest capital mobilization ever, through the channel of share issuance and convertible bonds of a Vietnamese business.

According to Global Capital, after 6 years, Vietnam has traded international convertible bonds. For Novaland, the successful transaction marks the company’s major step in international standardization, gradually diversifying its investor base, demonstrating its strong financial strength and competitiveness. Foreign companies.

Novaland also demonstrated its ability to diversify and financial flexibility by convincing its bank, Credit Suisse AG (CS), of its Singapore subsidiary, to accept 33.46 million shares issued separately to swap a $ 60 million loan. This method not only helps Novaland clear debt with Credit Suisse AG but also increase charter capital. Notably, Credit Suisse AG raised the credit limit for Novaland from $ 100 million to $ 125 million.

Representatives of Credit Suisse commented: “This is a proof of the strong capital story of the Company and the future development of the capital market of Vietnam. With a landmark fundraising initiative, along with the land bank in prime locations, Novaland is poised for growth in the future. “

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