Office Furniture Design Trends In 2017

Office space is the source of energy and the enthusiasm of each member of the company. So that the company, the big corporations in the world such as Google, Facebook always pay attention to the design of office furniture to create the workspace with the best results.

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Here are the trends in new office furniture design that companies can reference their environment.

  1. Wireless device

Large companies now tend to be neatly organized, eliminating clutter. And the wiring system is what’s at the top of the list. Instead of using devices that require multiple wires, wireless devices are increasingly popular and used in office buildings. This trend is believed to be consistent with the development of digital technology today.

Trends in office furniture design

Most offices now use wireless devices to tidy up and avoid redundancy

  1. Space is versatile

Multipurpose space is suitable for the current development. As many small companies or representative offices appear more and more. The demand for and use of the office space is not large, but it still needs to meet criteria such as private working rooms, meeting rooms, receptions, etc. Multi-functional becomes the appropriate solution. Same space but can be used for many different functions, saving space.

Trends in office furniture design

Trends in office furniture design

Trends in office furniture design

Space is both a commonplace of work and exchange of work

  1. Invest in the lobby or common living space

A former Apple employee has given a share of the workspace. Rather than rigidity and the old framework, lightness promotes work and collaboration in the workplace. Relaxation brings better performance.

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Trends in office furniture design

Such spaces will increase the sense of well-being for employees

Companies should be able to invest in the design of the lobby or the common area of staff. Makes the feeling more relaxed and pleasant. It is beneficial to work as well as to cooperate.

Trends in office furniture design

A corner in Google’s office

  1. General working table

The shared workbench reflects the interaction in the workplace, or is seen as a symbol of alignment and is an important part of the office work environment. With the focus on team building today, using a common desk for everyone in the team to create close cooperation. It is not only architectural, aesthetic but more than that, it is a psychological factor and strengthens the connection.

Trends in office furniture design

Shared desks enhance the connection between employees

  1. Flexibility

Many commented that office furniture today should promote flexibility. Instead of fixed interior configurations, the product can be transformed to functionally or more versatile to suit the needs. The flexibility of the interior is consistent with the design of a small office and bring a new, more modern shade. At the same time for multi-purpose space trends.

Trends in office furniture design

Workplace furniture is flexible

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