Officially Accepting Masteri An Phu Apartment And Opening For Sale In 1/2018

The owner of Thao Dien Investment has officially booked the apartment at Masteri An Phu project with the deposit amount of VND 100 million / unit (refundable). The project is expected to open immediately in January / 2018 here.

Information about the first sale of Masteri An Phu project

As expected in the opening day of Masteri An Phu apartment project in January 2018, Thao Dien Investment owner will offer the price range from 38 to 40 million / m2, in addition to many attractive incentives. Specifically:

VND 100 million refundable deposit. Flexible payment 30% until receiving the house, deferred payment within 18 months, Techcombank loans from 75-80% of the value of the apartment, original grace up to 24 months, free early repayment up to 24 months. Discounts can be up to 4-5%.

Masteri An Phu project

Perspective Masteri An Phu project

How is the price of Master An Phu apartments compared to other projects in the same area?

Masteri An Phu is a key project of Thao Dien Investment in 2017. The project is built right in front of Ha Noi Highway, the fourth product to follow the chain of brand name Masteri. Although not officially opened for sale, but Master An Phu received great attention from investors.

>>>Update on new information on the real estate market in Vietnam here: Vietnam real estate market

Located in a modern apartment complex, Masteri An Phu’s price is expected to be 10-20% lower than neighboring projects such as The Vista (VND41-43million/sqm), Thao Dien Gateway from VND48 million / sqm), Estella Heights (VND45-55 million / sqm).

Masteri An Phu project

Masteri An Phu owns an attractive price of VND38-40 million per square meter, 10-20% lower than that of Hanoi Highway road projects

Some general information about the Master An Phu project:

  • Built on 10,000 sqm of land
  • Consists of two 41-storey twin towers
  • Construction density of the whole area: Only 29%
  • The density of trees, walking roads: More than 60%
  • Tunnel: 2 basements for parking
  • Level 1 – 3: Trade Center, service
  • Level 4 – 40: Apartment area from 1-3
  • Floor 41: Penthouse
  • Apartment: 900 apartments
  • Type of investment: Apartment, Shophouse, Penthouse

Guide the bank loan procedures to buy Masteri An Phu apartment

In order to qualify for Techcombank’s purchase of apartments at Masteri An Phu, customers need to know the procedures and prepare the following documents:

  • The first is the household registration book of the apartment (wife and husband)
  • Second is the identity card (wife and husband)
  • The third is the statement of monthly income statement: salary statement or rental contract, car … (wife and husband) if monthly payment (including principal and interest) accounts for about 70 % of income is eligible for the loan.
  • Fourth is the certificate of being eligible for low-interest loans introduced from the competent state agencies (if any).
  • Fifth is Masteri An Phu deposit contract for banks to disburse on time the investor.

Note: All of the above papers need to have a seal on the local side of the locality, after providing all the relevant documents when carrying out procedures for borrowing the goods will have a re-appraised apartment Customers choose to buy and appointment disbursement time, then customers will receive the “disbursement credit message” from the bank loan.

What are the benefits of Masteri An Phu when borrowing from Techcombank?

Techcombank is a reputable bank in the field of real estate lending in Vietnam. In recent years, the bank has worked extensively with a number of reputable developers lending to high-end projects throughout the country.

Masteri An Phu project

Up to mid-August/2017, Master An Phu was deployed to the 19th floor

With the cooperation program between Techcombank and Master Phan An Phu project investor Thao Dien Investment, customers will have the opportunity to borrow capital effectively without paying principal interest in the first 18 months. In addition, Techcombank customers will receive up to 70% of their loan value within 20 years and will be entitled to a grace period of 18 months. In addition, the customers of Masteri An Phu apartment project are also supported by Techcombank with the preferential interest rate of 8.49% per annum, fixed per annum or fixed interest rate of 9.49% per annum for 2 years (24 months). with a loan term of up to 25 years. In case customers do not use the preferential loan package from Techcombank will receive 2% discount on apartment value. If you choose to pay early, customers can receive up to 11% discount.

Some other incentives when buying an apartment at Masteri An Phu from Techcombank:

  • Can buy real estate to buy property security
  • Determination of loan limit when collateral is not required
  • Quickly browse records without proof of income
  • Flexible repayment method
  • Interest rate incentives

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