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Officially Opening The Tunnel Under The Water, Open The “Knot” Into The Port Of Cat Lai

My Thuy Tunnel

Started construction in November 2016, after more than a year of construction, tunnel under the My Thuy traffic (District 2, HCMC) will be officially traffic from 4 p.m January 31, 2018.

My Thuy tunnel will significantly reduce the traffic jams in Cat Lat

My Thuy tunnel is part of a complex project of many traffic works in the area of My Thuy. Under this tunnel, cars, containers from Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway can turn left into Cat Lai Port, instead of going through the My Thuy.

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The vehicles running from Vo Chi Cong (Belt 2) will go underground and turn left into Nguyen Thi Dinh, go to Cat Lai port. The length of the tunnel is 405m, including more than 80m of a closed tunnel, 9m wide tunnel, for both lanes of circulation. The maximum speed allowed to pass through the tunnel is 40km / h, 2 or 3 wheel vehicles are prohibited through underground tunnels.

My Thuy tunnel
The intersection of My Thuy intersection

When underground tunnels are put into exploitation, the traffic flow on Vo Chi Cong road from Ky Ha 3 bridge to the intersection shall be as follows: The two left-lane outermost lanes shall be used for automobiles circulated on the intersection of My Thuy, two middle lanes for automobile traffic into the underground, two right-hand lanes for 2 and 3 wheel vehicles.

Meanwhile, the bridge over the Beltway 2 crossing the My Thuy circle also completes the path and two abutments (to the edge of the circle). The bridge overpass is also near completion and awaits the merge.

Cat Lai Port is currently the largest and most modern port in Vietnam, with more than 80% of container cargo in the Ho Chi Minh City area. The average truck traffic on the Nguyen Thi Dinh – Dong Van Cong – Cat Lai route is about 20,000 times a day, with the peak of the Lunar New Year rising to 22,000-23,000 per day, making the route This is always overloaded.

The intersection of My Thuy is the intersection between the access road to Cat Lai (Nguyen Thi Dinh) and Ring Road II. The traffic volume of goods transportation through this area is too large, while the current status of traffic organization at this intersection is the same traffic, so traffic jams occur frequently. Construction of an intersection at My Thuy intersection with tunnels, bridges are expected to remove black spots traffic jams.

My Thuy Tunnel
My Thuy tunnel has a bent design

The construction of the intersection of My Thuy Commune started in June 2016, divided into two phases. Total investment of the first phase of the project is nearly 840 billion from the budget, with items: bridge over 4 lanes toward the Ring Road 2; underground tunnel in the direction of turning left from Belt 2 to Cat Lai; construction of Ky Ha 3 bridge; the branches of the left and right banks of My Thuy canal.

When the project is completed, the vehicles on Ring Road 2 will be circulated in the tunnel towards Cat Lai Port; The vehicles from Phu Huu Bridge to Phu My Bridge will follow the overpass.

Phase 2 will be deployed from 2018 to 2020, including the overpass on Ring Road 2 with four lanes, the left turn from Cat Lai to Phu My Bridge with 725m long with two lanes, My Thuy 3 with Six lanes, Ky Ha 4 bridge on the right turn from Phu My bridge to Cat Lai with four lanes.

My Thuy tunnel
The tunnel length of 405 m, the width of 9 m has basically finished the work of carpeting, building, roof and railing two tunnels.

The construction of the intersection of My Thuy has not only completed the East Beltway but also met the needs of transportation from Cat Lai Port and Phu Huu Port to improve traffic in the area.

District 2 real estate benefit from My Thuy intersection

The reason for the construction of the My Thuy intersection is to help the real estate market of District 2 in general and the Cat Lai area hotter because it is the most important project in Cat Lai, special investment mind. After coming into operation, a series of real estate projects near Cat Lai port, especially around the Dong Van Cong road, will benefit from the bridge over the My Thuy intersection. Vista Verde, Citibella, Feliz En Vista, The Venica, Parcspring, PhoDong Village …

Economic experts said that the intersection of My Thuy is not only a place to receive traffic, transportation of goods is extremely large with more than 18,000-20 thousand times in the port of Cat Lai, but also points At the intersection of the “backbone” of the Ring Road 2 – Nguyen Thi Dinh direction to the city center and the surrounding area.

My Thuy tunnel
Handrail in the tunnel height of about 1.5 m above the surface, made of cold steel

Facing the wave of people moving here when the infrastructure is complete, not only the developer of the project, but individual customers also withdraw money to invest in real estate projects in this area.

When the project of My Thuy intersection goes into operation, it will open many ways for residents to move to residential projects in Cat Lai. At the intersection of My Thuy, residents in the area only take about 5 minutes to go to District 2 administrative center, from 10 -15 minutes to downtown districts and access to high-level entertainment, schools, international hospitals, … At the same time, this is also a favorable factor to increase the value of real estate in this area.

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