One billion should invest any property in Ho Chi Minh City?

With the amount of one billion to invest real estate, you should choose which type? Together with Realestatevietnam to find profitability and potential price increases with a capital of one billion to invest in real estate through the article below.

Real estate investment requires investors to have more capital. By now, the value of real estate investment is being pushed up. Especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, land fund is increasingly limited, the more capital investment. However, with modest capital, only one billion dong, small investors still have some safe and profitable investment opportunities.

There are about 5 investment options with a capital inflow of VND1 billion, distributed in many different product lines. However, one common feature of these choices is that the location of the property moves away from the urban center, which is more suited to the modest amount of the investor.

The reason is that when real estate is entering the stage of investment market is strongly divided, especially in HCM City. So there are few opportunities for capital flow of one billion. Therefore, the opportunity for capital flow is mainly concentrated in the coastal area.

Type of investment in townhouses with a capital of one billion

One billion certainly can not invest in downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Investors can find the type of townhouses in the vicinity of Saigon such as Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Can Gio or Duc Hoa, Nhon Trach, … According to estimates, stable profitability from 3-4 % a year. The possibility of raising prices is about 7-10% per year depending on the location and area.

Type of investment land with a capital of one billion

With a billion investor can only buy land near the border or HCM City. Ground rates do not have a rate of return on rent, but the margin is quite high. Invest in land with a capital of one billion can reach an average of 15% or more when the market evolves well, even higher when the abnormal fluctuations such as land fever.

Investors should choose land with infrastructure development and improvement in the future

Investors should choose land with infrastructure development and improvement in the future

In particular, investors should have a vision of the areas where the infrastructure will develop and improve in the future. Infrastructure catchments typically rise above 50-60% per year. Even when the market enters a quiet period, land in developed areas also has a slower rate of devaluation than other real estate. So this can be considered as a form of investment real estate safe.

For apartment projects in HCMC, very rare apartments with capital of one billion. Investors can choose only social housing or apartments located in the coastal area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City from 15-17 km, or even further. Rental rates are 5-7% per year, depending on location, but do not expect too much value for money in the future.

The opportunity to increase the price of this property can take place in 5-7 years. From the 10th year onwards, the possibility of increasing value is not high because of this property may be worn out. If the price of one billion dong is close to the metro station or main arteries, it will be a big advantage for medium and long term investors.

Small investors can invest in surfing apartments of foreign investors

In addition, with the apartment market is attracting more foreign capital flows now, the opportunity to invest apartments with a capital of one billion for small investors are many condominium projects by foreign investors are a good suggestion that Rever wants to send to small investors. According to the law of Vietnam, the apartment project with the capital of the investor is a foreign enterprise, the buyer only pay no more than 50% of the apartment before the handover date.

So this is a potential opportunity for small investors to invest in surfing. The apartments of foreign investors are usually projects in the segment of luxury apartments, owning beautiful location and high level of utility. So, choosing to invest in these apartment projects, investors are very easy to surf the investment.

Form of investment Officetel with a capital of one billion

This type of investment office apartment is characterized by a modest area, average only from 30-35m2. So, Officetel can fit into a capital flow of one billion. However, in Ho Chi Minh City, this apartment is mainly located in District 9 or Thu Duc. This product line in the inner city or city center will not have a selling price of one billion.

Officetel is a new investment for potential investors

Officetel is a new investment for potential investors

Officetel occupancy rates may reach 5-7% a year from rent exploitation. However, investors should note that the current legal status of this property has not been finalized, investors only own officetel apartment 50 years.

Neighboring areas of Saigon such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An are places where you can find apartment suites with an investment capital of over one billion. The apartment block as close to industrial parks, urban areas have a greater advantage because the demand for rent is very high.

The large population density also helps the value of land and assets of investors have the potential to increase prices well. But the challenge for investors with this type of management will be difficult if the investor is away from the rental area. In addition, this is also a long-term investment, it takes a long time for investors to return capital and make profits.

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