One Verandah – the good environment for children

The fresh airy living environment, the convenience of the convenience of the area is the most outstanding points of One Verandah District 2. Thanks to these wonderful elements, the project will be the ideal home for families with children.

What is the unique habitat of the One Verandah project? Is this really the ideal place for children to grow up? In the following article, Realestatevietnam will help you answer all the questions.

Good living environment in One Verandah apartment

Modern life always rushed to hastily with chaos so that parents do not have much time for children. Not many people still careless to plug into the Smartphone, digital technology devices or locked all day in the space of four narrow walls, time out to pack in additional classes, … accidentally Children’s childhood passes in a tame and tedious way.

Every parent wants to bring the best things to his children. But it is not enough for me to be with you. Give your child the best living environment, the best living space for a child to grow healthy, to live happily, to grow up happily, to become a smart child. Living well for the development of young people is a priority many people set out today.

Perspective play room for children

Good living environment in One Verandah apartment

One Verandah apartment located in Thanh My Loi District 2, is one of the projects attracting the most interested in Saigon today. Possessing a favorable location for gold, the Saigon River is airy and windy, the infrastructure of the area is synchronously developed comprehensively, the system of utilities inside the perfect area, … the project will bring Children’s wonderful childhood, is the ideal ideal environment to help healthy children grow up.

One Verandah Mapletree life long residence

As the “dear” project of Mapletree Asia Real Estate Corporation, One Verandah is believed to create the highest level of living value in the future.

Understanding the interests of customers, is also focused on the development of future generations, the project is strongly invested in the creation of a physical space best for young children.

Located in the heart of District 2, the project has good transport connections. From the District 2 apartment project, you can easily take your children to school, go out quickly and easily. Ensure no traffic jams or floods.

Choose to stay with family in One Verandah District 2, you will experience peaceful life. Especially when the afternoon, the children’s play along the river, the laughter of the whole family gathered together, just relax watching the scenery, while chatting with the most loved.

view SaiGon river

One Verandah Mapletree life long residence

When it’s cool, take your kids to kite-flying, fishing, or simply strolling along the riverside paved roads, telling your kids something interesting in life.

Fresh air – clean – one of the project apartment One Verandah

The most prominent feature of the One Verandah project is its huge utility system, which is up to 8000sqm. Mapletree investors pay close attention to the next generation. Therefore, the adult gadgets in this series of utilities only occupy quite a few. Meanwhile, the back of the children’s gadgets are well-designed and elaborate, clearly divided by age.

For example, in the 3 to 5 year-old children’s play area, games are featured in popular games such as swings, slides, safety lawns, …

In the recreation area for children 5 -12 years, the game here combines both physical and mental: climbing tower, clean vegetable garden – where she can self-propagate and take care of trees every day, …

There are also many entertainment facilities – healthy sport for children such as: mini soccer field; Basketball yard; Children’s pool; Wave pool; Aquatic living area, …

Security at One Verandah Mapletree

On the premises of the One Verandah Mapletree project, the security system is invested and focused first –  24-hour security cameras and professional security staff

It will provide you with the best quality and safest environment.

Not only a permanent residence, One Verandah apartment is also a place for your children to develop every day. Let the child grow all-round, having a happy childhood is true and raised in a most modern civilized community.

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