Only $6,500 You Can Buy VinCity Apartment Building

Vincity apartment building is a cheap real estate branch of Vingroup which has the price at $30.000; that means you can own Vincity apartment with only $6.500 in your hands.

In the next time, 300.000 Vincity apartment of Vingroup will enter the market. Cheap house “Vincity” branch for people who want to buy house right now. The project has been deployed at 17 provinces in 2017. The price of Vincity apartment is about $20.000 at small provinces and over $30.000 at Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Le KhacTiep vice-president of Vingroup said “at present, there’re lots of commercial banks that are willing to join with Vingroup in order to help customers with the cheap price. In addition, customers just accumulate amount of money about 20-30% overall worth of apartment. Next, customers will receive an advantage and attractive source of capital from banks.

View detail information of Vincity District 9 here:

Besides, customers will approach the best price, avoid the price difference in the market and clear management policy as well as the unity of the group.

How is the quality of Vincity with that price level?

VinCity Apartment

The apartment is luxuriously designed with the desire to bring prosperous life to the owner

There haven’t the accurate price level but the cheap Vincity apartment’s service fee of Vincity brach name are only fluctuate from $0.18 to $ 0.35 / sqm.

Face to the concerned about the cheap price will bring about hose’s quality and low service, Mr Hiep said: “Vingroup absolutely change the way of looking at this part. Average-income customers buying the apartment at VinGroup can receive the overall comprehensive convenience like medium-income and high-income ones, only hust smaller areas and remote position.

It can be said that is joyful information for customers, especially young customers who want to own an individual apartment for serving the work and life.

Are Vincity true attractive?

About quality and design of Vincity, because the products haven’t come into sight, so the comparative is impossible. Where is the attraction of Vincity toreek the heat in common market?

The advantage of apartment product line just stay at branch name at present, undertake about overall convenience, speed of main investor. However; if compare with competitors who also undertake to invest overall about lower layer, facility or even building position which close to centre, that’s the price of Vincity isn’t cheap. Example, 2 projects of Vingroup and MuongThanh group have announced recently in Ha Noi which undertake while similar about convenience and density.

In cheap house project in Thanh Ha urban area, MuongThanh group after scandals in house’s quality of urban area in a hustle, that will invest lower layer overall convenience in order to change the way of looking at cheap house.

VinCity Apartment

There are affordable but Vincity apartment owns excellent utilities excel

This new project is next to 2 harmonize pool areas with 32 hectare width. The main investor undertake: there will have green density and building density about 25-30%. The work such as kindergarten, high school are deploying at project. With Vincity, the main investor commit to provide full of necessity convenient system for resident such as school, medical, commercial centre, sport area, serve lower layer, convenient shops, trees, landscape…building density from 20-25%. Group says that the convenience of Vincity apartment will be in no way inferior to Vinhomes because of prestigious branch of this main investor.

Salient strong points of Vincity

  • Vincity apartment is the first average price product line of Vingroup.
  • The price is very sensible and suitable for many groups of customers.
  • Building density is low, expected from 20-25%, the remainder of apartment is green space.
  • The position is very favourable in Vincity’s apartment project.
  • Owning quality and overall convenience lower layer.
  • Planning facilities are in no way inferior to urban areas in Vinhomes.
  • Time to hand over houses is always earlier than committed rate of progress.
  • Deployed projects of Vingroup were crowned with success.
  • To take very stringent security, safety 24/24, no fire, no burn.
  • In recent times, vice-president of Vingroup emphasizes that “Vincity apartment will change entirely outlook that cheap house is low quality”. This is a good chance for inhabitant to realize their buying-house dream.

Why does Vincity apartment have the competitive price level?

Concerned about the competitive price level, certainly not of  high or low price, more obvious is essence ability, competitive ability of companies with overall deploying, large-scale in order to buy for many groups of customers with wholesale thinking instead of retailing. Vincity apartment is always guaranteed…input or output have suitable economy solution, especially with experience in deploying projects for optimizing process of Vingroup…In general, Vingroup has thickness of experience about deploying projects as well as methods to time-surpassing business. So, Vincity is confident that project has the competitive price level than any others the same area.

Vincity apartment’s product line of Vingroup is not social house, its home for average-income people even the low ones. The problem is, a family has low-income about $800 a month, if accumulate 20-30% the price of apartment, they can buy immediately and pay by instalments 70-80% the loan for bank. So, only just 4 to 6 years, the apartment is belong to them totally, average-income and low-income people occupy the majority in big cities.

View detail information of Vincity District 9 here:

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