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Only 76 Sqm, People Built A Three-Story House And Had A Luxury Swimming Pool

Three-storey house

The area is not too wide, built in the traditional tube house, but the house still impresses with the airy space and a luxurious swimming pool.

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Not only in the city but in the countryside, piping is always a top priority for families with small land and limited housing costs. Today, with many positive changes in design style, the tubular house, especially the 3-story tube house, has brought new insights into the more modern, more convenient and aesthetics.

3 story house with swimming pool for the townhouse

The façade of the three-story house is impressed by the 2.5m backyard, the wall surrounding the toughened glass that gives it a soft, airy look. The entire front wall of the house is covered with uniform wooden planks that make the overall impression.

Three-storey house
Panorama of the facade of the house

When we stepped inside, the first thing we noticed was that the stairs and garden systems were located in front of the house rather than in the middle of the house or near the end like other tube houses.

Three-storey house
Stairs and gardens are located at a corner of the tube house facade

The living room of the tube house is arranged in a modern, simple style with light brown fabric sofa, TV shelf that a small bar next to it. The upper part is a plaster ceiling system with impressive square spaces, which is further enhanced by a rectangular chandelier system that makes the space warm and warm.

Three-storey house
Modern living room, simple

Right next to the living room is a well-ventilated stove with living room, but there will be a small partition as a toilet. Although located at the end of the first floor, the kitchen is still brightly lit thanks to the chandelier system that is unified with the living room and open-air wall with greenery.

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Three-storey house
The kitchen is adjacent to the living room
Three-storey house
Located at the end of the range but this space is not dark
Three-storey house
Close up of the wall of the gap and the system of decorative trees

On the second floor, the toilet is located in front of the 3 story house, close to the bedroom. If for other houses, this section is designed simple and compact, the house is different. Homeowners say that this is not only the place to do the work of personal hygiene but also a place to relax after a long day tired. So they like it must be wide, beautiful and really comfortable.

Three-storey house
The toilet is located in the front and next to the bedroom
Three-storey house
Space is very spacious and luxurious

The structure of the second and third floors are almost similar, each floor has a bedroom, spacious sanitary area and garden green system in front. Particularly on the terrace is a more special structure with overhead swimming pool. This will be the place to relax the whole family on hot summer days.

Three-storey house
The pool is well laid out on the terrace and is the highlight of the whole house

With the crowded land of today, this 3-story tube house with swimming pool on this terrace is truly worth seeing and learning. If you want to save money, you can use cheap materials to sell a lot in the market, but special attention should be paid to quality.

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